Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Olympic Date: Chicago 2016 Hopes to Rendezvous With Obama in Copenhagen

President Obama and Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid are inextricably linked for better or worse. Judging by his worldwide popularity, intelligence, charisma and charm many people feel as if he's going to make the biggest impact on whether or not Chicago wins the bid.

Today, this topic is buzzing around the interwebs as it's a potential game changing factor in the race to host the Olympic bid. The website Around the Rings states:
Bid chairman Patrick G. Ryan (of Chicago 2016) said he can't guarantee an Obama appearance if "something really critical comes up." He told Around the Rings, "Our belief is that he has been so supportive of the bid that he would want to be there, but he can't commit."

Would Chicago be at a disadvantage if Obama doesn't show?

"I don't want to speculate on that," Ryan told reporters at Sportaccord, "because if there's no catastrophe, I think he'll be there."
We think that's a fair statement given Obama's responsibilities and our country's current recession. Our bet is that the president will be in Copenhagen for the vote, but the uncertainty builds anticipation and ultimately could mean the difference for Chicago 2016.

If he comes, it will REALLY help Chicago's bid...if he doesn't would the disappointment ultimately spell doom for the bid?

We will let you know in October.

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