Monday, March 2, 2009

Burnham Memorial Needs to be a Bridge

Blair Kamin, who writes the Skyline blog for the Chicago Tribune, has a new article talking about a contest for a proposed memorial for Daniel Burnham. Burnham, who is widely known for his part in the creation of The Plan of Chicago, definitely deserves a memorial, but the museum campus isn't the place for it.
Kasman proposes a great alternative:

It was Burhnam who famously said: "The lakefront by right belongs to the people." But in settling on the Museum Campus site, a memorial competition committee of architects and civic leaders did a wonderful job of ignoring said people - and more worthy alternatives for Driehaus' cash.

What about putting the Burnham memorial at 31st Street, where it could enliven the lakefront across from the residential complex that Chicago intends to build whetheror not it is selected to host the 2016 Olympics?

Why not devote the resources for this competition to creating a bridge or tunnel that would allow pedestrians to cross Lake Shore Drive between Buckingham Fountain and the lakefront? That has long languished on the civic priority list.
We think those are great alternatives, just keep it off the lawn at the Museum Campus!

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Correction: his name is Blair Kamin.