Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Spectacular" Movie Theater for the South Loop

It seems like we've been talking about the Roosevelt Collection a lot recently, but needless to say we're excited about some of the amenities the complex will bring to the neighborhood. The movie theater is by far the most interesting thing to us and today we found this little tidbit from a random film website:
Coming up at the end of the year is what DeBruzzi calls the “exclamation point” of the Chicago effort, a “spectacular” new theatre at the Roosevelt Collection, a mixed-use retail and condo development in the fast-growing South Loop area. Both this project and an upcoming complex in Minneapolis are, according to Dean Kerasotes, “in a different class than we’ve done before, with reserved and VIP seating, more luxurious ambiance, full-service bars and a restaurant component.”
Hopefully he's not overselling!

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