Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to the Sloop Sox Star Carlos Quentin

We, like most in the world, are intriqued by celebrity. So we've done a couple posts asking people if they know of any athletes, actors or politicians that live in the Sloop (click here). We recently read that Chicago White Sox slugger, Carlos Quentin just bought a large town home in the Sloop:

Chicago White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin has paid $650,000 for an eight-room, 2,807-square-foot town home in the South Loop.

Quentin's new unit most recently had been listed for $719,900 and originally came on the market last year for $729,900. The deal closed March 31.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enjoy Pilates Day on Saturday 5/1

We think we're into exercising and health, but nobody on the Sloopin team really does Pilates. With that in mind we're hoping to head over to the recently opened Posture Perfect Pilates (1247 S. Wabash) on Saturday (5/1) to celebrate 'Pilates Day' and learn what it's about:

‘Pilates Day®’ Celebration at Posture Perfect Pilates, Chicago, IL

Saturday May 1, 2010; 9am-5pm

Each year on the first Saturday in May, the Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA)® celebrates Pilates Day®.

Pilates Day was created by the PMA to promote awareness of the many benefits that Pilates Method brings to every age group, and to promote healthy living. Posture Perfect Pilates' Pilates Day event will feature a free mat class at 10am, a free CARDIOLATES® class at 11am and an open house from noon until 5pm.

Instructors will be on hand to answer questions, give demonstrations, and allow guests to try the equipment for themselves. Food will be provided by Enter the Chef, a healthy, portion controlled meal service created by Joey Morelli of Joey's Brickhouse. Guests of the Pilates Day will receive 10% any Pilates class package purchased during the event.

Posture Perfect
Pilates is also proud to be working with Smiling Bright, Chicago’s premier professional teeth whitening stores and will be offering a free $50 gift certificate (limited to two certificates per person) to be used for any 20 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute regular priced teeth whitening service.
(Hat Tip: K!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Go On Red Bull BMX Event

According to a post on the Chicago Journal Blog, it sounds as if the controversial Red Bull BMX event that was scheduled for May 14-15 at the Southwestern corner of Harrison and Wells is a no go:
The Red Bull Stomping Grounds BMX tournament won't be held at the southwestern corner of Harrison and Wells, a representative from the drink company has confirmed.
Jennifer Belongia, a Red Bull spokeswoman, told Chicago Journal this afternoon that "the site is going to be changing ... based on what's best for the event."
There has been a healthy discussion from people who support and oppose the event and from the sounds of it the people who opposed it won. Here are some older Sloopin posts on the topic.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Soccer Field and Info about Youth Sports in the Sloop

The weather is nice and that means people want to be outside. Recently we received two emails about the expansion of Ping Tom memorial park where they are putting in a soccer field:
It's almost finished getting ready for the season, thought you might wanna let the sloopers know the expansion of this park. Attached is a pic of the newly expanded soccer area (still fenced in, but almost there).

A nice addition to the Sloop.

With sporting fields in mind it also seems relevant to pass along some information about youth sports:
Just wanted to pass this info along--they need all the exposure they can get!

Near South Youth Association is a non-for-profit, community-based organization working to improve the quality of life for all families and children in Chicago's Near South. Visit,, and Spring soccer is currently underway.

(Hat Tip: JC & Ps!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Solid: Chutney Joe's

We've walked by Chutney Joe's (511 S. State Street) a thousand times, but for some reason haven't stopped in yet. Yesterday we received a review from a friend of the blog:
I went to Chutney Joe’s over the weekend. I love Indian food so I was anxious to try it out. The menu is fairly limited and is essentially fast Indian food, but don’t let that stop you. This is not the Panda Express version of Indian food. There are 4 meat entrée selections and 4 entrée selections for the herbivores among us. Entrees come with a side of Basmati rice or Naan bread.

Additionally, there are a handful of sides such as Samosas and Tandoori Chicken Bites.The food was very good and flavorful, although different than your standard Americanized Indian restaurant. The Chicken Tikka Masala, for example, was not in a cream based sauce. Personally, I prefer the food I find on Devon Street, but if you’re looking for a quick Indian bite in the neighborhood for <$8 Chutney Joe’s is a pretty solid option.
(Hat Tip: D Beezy!)
(Image from MetroMix - Barry Brecheisen)

Whole Foods Sponsors Food Inc. Screening at Showplace Icon

This past Thursday Whole Foods sponsored a screening of Food Inc. at Showplace Icon. Afterwards a panel of local food activists discussed the movie with the crowd. Sloopin was invited and a loyal reader and emailer went to the were his thoughts:

The video and subsequent forum following was enlightening to say the least. This was our first time at Showplace Icon on a weeknight. Not much has changed since it opened. No additional developments in the Roosevelt Collection store fronts were noted. The entire place was deserted for the most part. There were around 20 to 30 people that attended this event so it was a pretty empty theater. The movie itself was very interesting and talked a lot about how a few large corporations control the food we eat and how they are the ones finding ways to grow animals, vegetables and fruits in a fraction of the time and an exponentially higher yield. All with the help of chemicals and altered genes.

The movie (Food Inc.) does a good job of showing the opposite side of the corporate food movement which more of a grass roots approach to farming and food. No chemicals, no fertilizers and no cages. This is where the forum came in and talked about what they are doing in the area to promote healthier lifestyles and pure foods. This is the whole idea behind Whole Foods and the 61st street farmers market down in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

A big interest to me was the idea of the farmers market and made me wonder if this is something that the Sloop would be capable of supporting, or do readers think Whole Foods meets all of their needs in the "healthy food" department? I personally think it would be a great weekend event for the sloop and wouldn't be intended to compete with Whole Foods (not that it could even come close), but to supplement it. It is also a great way to support local farmers and businesses.

Another thing the forum members mentioned were buying clubs, where a group of people put in a larger order, someone from the neighborhood goes to the market, picks it up and brings it back to the members of the community. Regardless, I may start picking up my meat and vegetables down at the 61st street farmers market and would most certainly consider a buying club of some sort, as I realize not everyone has transportation. It was a great event in the Sloop and was most certainly eye opening. Food Inc. is definitely worth a watch and Whole Foods may find its way into my weekly grocery schedule. What do you think about this subject?

(Hat Tip: PF!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Reading: The Olympic Legacy Revisited; NYT Looks at Condo Boards Issues with Developers

The weather for the weekend isn't looking so hot, so if you're looking for some reading here are two ones that we enjoyed.

First, the Newcity blog takes a look at the Olympic legacy and specifically the Michael Reese Campus that was planned to be the glistening Olympic village in an article titled:
Nolympic Dreams: Six months after the 2016 heartbreack, what's the legacy of would-be glory?
In the architectural renderings, twenty-one high-rises line the south lakefront amid rows of orderly green trees. A newly built pedestrian bridge arcs over the Metra Electric tracks and Lake Shore Drive to connect the shimmering high-rises to the lakefront attractions, which include a new fountain, amphitheater and swimming pool. On the side of each high-rise is visible a symbol that’s slowly sliding from ubiquity to oblivion: the Chicago 2016 logo.

Also of interest was a NYT article (from the Chicago News Cooperative) looks at the problems many Condo boards are facing with their developers who have built crappy buildings:
Unexpected Repairs Rattle Owners of New Condos
The view from Tom and Jane Justic’s eighth-floor condominium in the South Loop — with Soldier Field in the foreground and majestic Lake Michigan behind it — is exactly what they were looking for when they moved from Beverly in 2005.

But the condominium that came with that view has an unexpected and unwelcome additional cost: $850 a month in special assessments for the next five years, to cover the expense of building repairs that were completed late last year.

(Hat Tip: FS!)
(Image from NYT)

Friday, April 23, 2010

For Sloopers Concerned About the BMX Event

The BMX event has been a hot topic in the Sloop recently (for background click here). Today we received an email about a meeting about the event...sorry for the late notice, but better late then never:

Dear Concerned Resident:

There will be a community meeting tonight (April 23) at 6:30 PM (in about 4 hours in fact) at Wells and Harrison to discuss the May 15 Red Bull Stomping Ground Event to be held at the same location. I just now received the information below (in blue text/yellow highlight and also attached as a .pdf file) from the organizers of the event. Below that I have some information that I had previously sent out from the "Stomping Ground" web site (in blue highlight) about this event.

Please plan on attending this event if you can.

Enrique Perez

P.S. As of this date, I have received numerous emails expressing strong concern over this event. I believe that many questions about this event still need to be answered by the various parties "in the know."

(Hat Tip: EP!)

Shots (Segways) Around the Sloop: 11th Street Bridge

Spotted: 11th Street Bridge:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogging the Creation of the BMX Course

Two weeks ago we posted about the Red Bull BMX event that is rumored to be happening at Wells and Harrison on May 15th and were excited to see a commenter/reader mention that they were going to be blogging and taking pictures of the creation of the course at their site
Since my living room overlooks the lot and the future course, I’ve decided to cover the construction and implementation of the event on this here blog. If you’re interested in the politics and impact of the situation then check out South Loop blog, Sloopin’s coverage. I’ll be hanging out, shooting pictures and drinking a beer, watching dudes do flips on bicycles. Below are some photos from this morning.
Take a look at the has some interesting pictures and should be fun to watch the progress.

(Hat Tip: Brian!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How are the Cermak-Chinatown CTA Station Improvements Coming Along?

Last September we had a post about the revamping of the Cermak-Chinatown CTA station and recently we received an email from a reader asking about the construction progress on the project:
Hey guys,

I'm not in the neighborhood anymore but I was kind of curious as to how the Cermak construction is going on the new red line station. Does it look like the new entrance on Archer is going to be open soon?

We haven't seen a ton of progress, but was hoping someone else out in cyberspace could provide an update for our emailer and all the readers.

For more background here is a link to a description of the project:

(Images from the CTA website)
(Hat Tip: MH!)

A New Comment Moderation Policy on Sloopin

Dear Sloopers,

Every so often we like to take a look at the blog and try to ensure we're providing the best site possible. Over the past couple of years, we've had multiple discussions and emails about commenting on Sloopin. Since this is primarily a blog, our goal is to let the voices of the South Loop be heard (mostly unfiltered and uncensored).

Unfortunately, some comments have increasingly been off topic and unnecesarily agitating. With this said, we will be altering our comment moderation policy on Sloopin.

Starting today, we will do our best to review every comment. What this means is that our team will manually approve each comment before it's posted to the comment section on Sloopin. We will do our best to do this in a timely matter, but please be patient with us.

Just to reiterate, our goal is to encourage dialogue and opinions on issues and topics specific to the greater South Loop neighborhood. Opinions will differ, but please do your best to comment in a respectful and productive manner.

Please let us know how you feel!


The Sloopin Gang

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whiskey Week Comes to Chicago & the South Loop

It's a fantastic week to sip on some scotch! If you agree, you should try to head over to Whiskey Fest which kicks off this Friday:
10th Annual
Friday, April 23, 2010
6:30 - 9:30 PM
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Regular admission: $110
VIP admission: $150

Over 250 Whiskies in One Place, on One Night
WhiskyFest Chicago will feature more than 250 of the world's finest, rarest, and most expensive, single malt and blended Scotch, Irish, bourbon, Tennessee, Japanese, Welsh, Canadian and other whiskies from around the world to sample in one Grand Ballroom. High-end rums, tequilas beer and other spirits will be represented as well. Pouring list.

I hate to break it to you but, this event is sold out. If you're a real fan you could sneak in. Since most of us like our Whiskey but enough to break the law, there are a couple other events in the Sloop (and other neighborhoods) leading up to the main event on Friday. Here is a list of the parties in the South Loop:

The Classic Malt Selection at Warehouse Liquors

Wednesday, April 21st, 7:30-9pm

Join Martin C. Duffy, Senior Master of Whisky, as he takes you through the western coast single malts of the award winning Classic Malts Selection in a classroom-style setting.

RSVP is required. Seating is very limited.

634 South Wabash Avenue

Chicago, IL 60605-1860

(312) 663-1850; ask for Gene.

And one more at Binny's on Thursday (4/22):

World of Whisky at Binny’s Beverage Depot (South Loop)

Thursday, April 22nd at 5-8pm

Brett Pontoni hosts Binny’s Annual tasting of over 150 of the finest whiskies the world has to offer. Meet Whisky Ambassadors & Distillers from all over the world.

1132 S. Jefferson St., Chicago

$50 Binny’s Card members / $60 non-members

Call for reservations: 1-888-817-5898

2x10 Nails Moving into 1212 S. Michigan

It looks like the high profile retail space at 1212 S. Michigan (Southwest corner of Roosevelt and Michigan), is set to get a new tenant. 2x10 Nails has received a limited business license for this location according to Everyblock. Besides this source, we were walking by the retail space this past Saturday and saw some contractors hard at work.

Although this seemed like a great place for a restaurant (given it's potential outdoor space and prominent location), it's good to see something move in. As some Sloopers remember, there was a Chicago Business article last August saying a pizza joint was moving into this space. Unfortunately this never panned out (rumor had it that one of the partners was one of Mayor Daley's nephews who had some corruption issues, but who knows).
Regardless, we will be watching with close eyes to see when this opens. If you're not familiar with 2x10 nails, it appears that they have three other locations in the city (Andersonville, Southport and Roscoe Village). However we couldn't find a website.
Has anyone ever been to one of these places? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two South Loop Restaurants Named in Chicago's Top 40 of All Time

Two restaurants in the South Loop cracked Chicago Magazine's list of the "Top 40 Chicago Restaurants Ever":
36. Manny’s Coffee Shop & Deli 1942-present // South Loop (deli food)
Where cops, aldermen, yuppies, old-timers, and multi- cultis have always stood
shoulder to shoulder for massive potato pan cakes and pastrami sandwiches.

16. Everest 1986-present // South Loop (French) This bastion of
haute owes its success—four stars for 19 straight years—to Jean Joho, the anti-trend chef who shows no signs of letting up.
Although Everest is 440 S. Franklin (which is just north of Congress), Chicago Magazine claims it's in the South Loop. We disagree, but it's still good to know a classic restaurants is in our hood.
Another local favorite is Hackney's in Printers Row. Although they didn't make the list, their sister restaurant in Glenview did:
33. Hackney’s on Harms 1939-present // Glenview (American) Some pretty
hotsy-totsy chefs have discovered hamburgers lately, but time was when the
half-pounder on dark rye and fried onion loaf at Hackney’s had no peers.

Following-Up on the Trader Joe's Rumor

A couple of weeks ago there was a lot of discussion around an email we received about a Trader Joe's potentially moving into the old Sam's Liquor store location (Northeast corner of Wabash and Roosevelt).

To follow-up on the rumor, we sent an email to Trader Joe's and here is what they said:

We appreciate your inquiry. We are still expanding, but at this time we
do not have any confirmed plans for a location in this area.

Trader Joe's
Customer Relations
Not exactly a confident confirmation of the rumor, but I guess they didn't flat out say no. If I had to handicap whether or not this rumor is true, I'd say there is about a 10% chance it's happening.

If you read the last comment of our old post a reader writes:
Spoke with a sales agent for the property management company today (I emailed in an inquiry on the location), most of the area has been leased to a "restaurant" but he couldn't say who/what because negotiations are still under way.

We peaked into the building and there still is a lot of 'restaurant' looking furniture inside and it has been moved around a little (presumably to do some maintenance/renovations within the space).

So that's the update. We will keep you posted if we hear anything else.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ABC 7's Hungry Hound Looks at Custom House

We've never been to Custom House (500 S. Dearborn), but have heard great things. We recently watched this video from ABC 7 looking at a couple Chicago restaurants evolution to feature "Southern Cooking"...Custom House is featured at the 2:09 mark:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Join the Alderman for South Loop Spring Cleaning

From the Alderman's newsletter:
Come join me at our 2nd Ward Spring Clean and Green!

9:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 17th

Meeting locations for this Spring are:

The South Loop Field House
1801 S. Indiana

This is a great opportunity to show how much you care about your
community. Come join your neighbors or meet new ones as we for one day
play the role of Streets and Sanitation workers picking up trash, pulling out
weeds, getting rid of graffiti and making our neighborhoods a cleaner and safer
place to live and grow up in.

The City will supply all the cleaning tools and supplies and my office will
provide lunch. There are many options available as far as cleaning locations and
group stagings are concerned. For more information contact my office,

Sorry for the late notice, but better late then never...

Shots Around the Sloop: Spring has Sprung

A Kite!

Friday, April 16, 2010

People Feel Safe in the Sloop

Donate to Barefoot for Haiti at Old St. Mary's Church

Haiti is still hurting and the good people at Old St. Mary's are teaming up with the people at Sole 4 Soul's and their "Barefoot for Haiti" program:

The Old St. Mary's School and Church have partnered with Soles4Souls to help collect new and gently worn shoes for the victims of the Haitian earthquake! Join us and take off your shoes for Haiti! And as part of this powerful movement, clean out your closets and bring the shoes to donate!

In an effort to collect as many shoes as possible, the Old St. Mary's Community is seeking support for the Barefoot4Haiti Campaign from friends and neighbors in the South Loop. Soles4Souls accepts all types of new and gently worn shoes including: athletic, running, dress, sandals, pumps, heels, work boots, cleats, dance and flip flops. Shoes appropriate for the conditions in Haiti will be delivered there. Bring your new or gently used shoes:

LOCATION: Old St. Mary's Catholic Church Foyer (1500 S. Michigan Ave.) Parking north of the church.

DATE: Saturday, April 17th

TIME: 10 AM -4 PM

DONATIONS: If your shoes have laces, please tie the shoes together with the laces. If not, please secure the shoes together with a rubber band. If gently used shoes are donated, please ensure they are washed and/or otherwise clean.

Also, we will be collecting shoes at each Mass on April 17th and 18th .

(Hat Tip: RHM!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Save Money at Gioco & Opera

We know it's tax day and hopefully you're getting money back instead of owing the federal or state governments. With this in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to let Sloopers know that there are two ways of saving money at two popular South Loop restaurants.

First, Groupon has a $50 gift certificate for $25 for Gioco.

Second, we heard from numerous people that KDK restaurants (who run Gioco, Opera, Red Light and Marche) will be giving $50 gift certificates to anyone who buys a entree tonight at one of their restaurants. This is a tax day promotion and only will be offered tonight.

So there you have money in the South Loop on tax day.

(Hat Tip: ND, BW, PF!)

"The Miracle on 21st Street" - Cuatro Reopening

A reader sent us an email titled "Cuatro ~ Miracle on 21st Street" and to be honest we were a little surprised to read that Cuatro (2030 S. Michigan) was reopening (after a couple days of being closed). Although it's good news it's definitely peculiar. For more background here a link to a post we had last Wednesday.

The announcement is below:

(Hat Tip: KS!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Reiew of the South Loop Film Festival

Earlier this week we posted about the first annual South Loop Film Festival and from reading this review in Gapers Block, it sounds as if it was a good event:
The festival included 2 world premieres, eleven Chicago premieres and it was successful in its organization, curation and attendance. Here's hoping there is a Second Annual South Loop Film Festival.
UPDATE: Here is the winning entry:

(Image from Gapers Block, Christian Date)
(Hat Tip: To Anon)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BMX Competition Coming to Printers Row Area

It looks like the infamous undeveloped lot at Wells and Harrison will be transformed into a BMX course this summer. There has been a lot of news about this property, but this twist was definitely unexpected. Anyway, should be an unusual but highly entertaining event on May 15th:
This summer, one man’s pile of dirt will become another man’s treasure. Red Bull Stomping Ground will transform an abandoned construction zone into the ultimate dirt playground in Chicago on May 15, 2010. Thousands will be able to witness a BMX dirt competition that will bring the tricks of the trails to an urban mecca, as riders from all over the world will meet in the Windy city to prove who has the best skills.

(Hat Tip: ES!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Groupon Side Deal Today for Bongo Room

We know people love Bongo Room (1152 S. Wabash Ave.), so here is your chance to save some cash via Groupon today.

Ideas for Development at the Old Ickes Homes

A reader who is a frequent contributor to the blog writes:
I wanted to get folks opinions/ideas on what to do with the Ickes site. I may have a voice to present or at least share ideas with the CHA planning board. In my opinion, I think they should not invest in actual housing, but go beyond the typical middle-ground retail and really try to establish this site as a place to shop, visit, etc..for folks visiting McCormick Place, Chinatown or residents of the South Loop.

We've spoken to numerous people about housing in the neighborhood and it's obvious that their is way to much supply (however hopefully this is just a result of the lagging economy). The fact that this large piece of land is on a high profile road in between McCormick Place and Chinatown seems to support the idea stated above. The question is...what to do with the land?

Chances are that there will also be a new CTA stop at State and Cermak within the next 5 or 10 years just adding to the foot traffic in the area.

For more background and an update on the current demolition plans at the Ickes Homes (and other public housing) here is a good article from April 4th in the Sun Times.

(Hat Tip: SMR!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cutting Kids Hair at Kutting Edge Kidz

A reader writes:
A new kids themed haircut place is opening at Archer and State...taking the place of the coffee shop.
Based on this everyblock page, it looks like this is legit! Good luck to them.

(Hat Tip: JP!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flo & Santos Overview on the Thrillist

From the thrillist:
Named for the parents of a mixed Polish (Flo) and Italian (Santos) family that one of the owners grew up with, F&S honors both of their culinary roots in a 67-seat exposed brick & red-boothed pub decked with eight flatscreens (plus a 90-inch HD projection screen) and photos of the old Chicago Coliseum, which hosted Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" show, but mercifully was destroyed before it could see the Will Smith version.
(Hat Tip: AM & MS!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spotted: Numerous Filmings in the Sloop

A reader writes about some filmings going on around the Sloop. We saw the one at LA Boxing, but does anyone have any other details:
Anyone know what they are filming by the tracks on state and 14th street? I've also heard reports that something was being filmed up on 9th and state in LA boxing.
We went on the site which specializes in movie filmings and found that there were some movies filming in Chicago, but besides that we don't know (link here and here).

If you have any additional information let us know!

Update: A reader writes that the filming at 14th and State is for a pilot called ATF:

(Hat Tip: AB!)

1st Annual South Loop Film Festival Kicks Off Today

If you have some free time today you might want to head over to the first annual South Loop Film Festival at the Kerasotes Roosevelt Collection Movie Theater:

April 8th @ 7:30 - 10:30pm
South Loop Film Festival

Showplace Icon Theater at Roosevelt Collection
150 W Roosevelt
Chicago, IL

The 1st annual South Loop Film Festival takes place April 8th 2010 in Chicago, IL. SLPFF2010 is a celebration of independent film with a connection to the Midwest that will feature comedy, drama, documentary, animation & music videos (all under 10 minutes). There will be an audience award given out, which includes a $200 gift card donated by Whole Foods Market.

Tickets to the screening are $10. Everyone attending will receive a "swag bag" of goodies. Proceeds from the screening will benefit local non-profit Beyondmedia Education.

(Hat Tip: LGL & SMR!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shots Around the Sloop: I Wish

A reader writes:
Saw this plate yesterday on a run around the neighborhood. Just wondering if this was you? :)
I wish!
(Hat Tip: DT!)

Adios to Cuatro

We received some unfortunate news from a reader yesterday:

With sadness, the time has arrived... Cuatro will become a fond
memory (barring intervention of the miraculous kind!). We will be serving
out last dinner on Saturday, April 10, 2010.

The Cuatro Family & Staff thank each and every patron of past &
present. Our shared experiences will never be forgotten. Cuatro was
born with a dream. A dream realized. A dream brought to life by

Again, THANK YOU so very much. Please come by to enjoy the many
favorites developed over the last 4 1/2 years. We look forward to serving
you one last time over the next week.

Cuatro Family & Staff

P.S. Yes, we are still BYOB.

Sad to see them go...

(Hat Tip: KS!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Columbia College Film School Evolves

When walking around the Sloop on a nice day, it's not uncommon to see students on the streets filming. It gives the neighborhood an interesting feel and serves as a testing ground for future technical stars.

On Sunday there was a great story in the Chicago Tribune about Columbia College's attempt to remake it film school:
The cliches of student filmmaking (alarm clocks in opening shots, Tarantino-inspired handguns pointed sideways, etc.) tend to be universal. These days, however, faculty and alumni say they've been noticing more personal-minded, narrative-conscious students at Columbia. None of it comes as a surprise: The school's four-decade-old film program, long a home for documentary filmmaking and nuts-and-bolts technical instruction, is making bold steps toward reinvention. Yet there's a question on the minds of many of those same faculty, alumni and even students: When will it see the respect that other film schools enjoy?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Flo & Santos to Open on April 15th According to the Red Eye

A reader writes and we confirmed from the Red Eye:
According to the redeye (Page 17) today (March 31st), Flo & Santos will be opening on April 15th

"Italian Eats & Polish treats"
(Hat Tip: KG!)

Posture Perfect Pilates on YouSwoop

A couple of weeks ago we posted about a new pilates studio (posture perfect pilates) opening up at 1247 S. Wabash. If you're interested, they're on YouSwoop today (4/5). Check them out!

Blackhawks Roadwatch Coming to Kroll's on Tuesday

The NHL playoffs are coming and the expectations are high for the Chicago Blackhawks this year. We've said it many times, but if you're not on the bandwagon yet, it's time to get on.

A good chance to board the wagon, become familiar with the Blackhawks as well as the game of hockey is available tomorrow at Kroll's (1736 S. Michigan) as the Chicago Blackhawks City Roadwatch comes to the South Loop. If you're not familiar with what it is, here is our recap from the previous years event at Kroll's.

We had fun and will most likely be there to root on the hawks!

Pigeon Spikes Installed at Roosevelt CTA Stop Exit!

Great news! Last week we received a couple emails from readers notifying us that pigeon spikes have been installed at the south exit of the Roosevelt CTA Green/Orange line platform. If you're not familiar with this exit it was simply disgusting. For more background on this issue check out this post we did about two months ago (it should adequately fill you in).

A big thanks to all the Sloopin readers who emailed the CTA and Alderman's office about this issue. Although we can't confirm we were the cause of this improvement, it seems like we definitely had something to do with it.

Since we were the ones who complained, it only seems appropriate that we give them credit and say thanks. Here are links to their emails CTA and Alderman Fioretti's Office if you wish to send them a thank you email.

Here are a couple pictures and a video of the current state of the exit:

(Hat Tip: SC & PF!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Big Monday for Sports....And Eating Hot Dogs!

Monday is a big day for sports, not only will the NCAA men's basketball tournament crown a champion, it's opening day around Major League Baseball. That means the Cubs and Sox are both kicking off their quest to face each other in the World Series.

The Sox start their season at home against the Cleveland Indiana at 1:05pm and the Cubs are in Atlanta and have a start time of 3:05pm. The NCAA championship game starts at 8:51pm.

Needless to say, it's a big sports day. If that's not enough, maybe you can head on over to The Weather Mark Tavern (1503 S. Michigan Ave.) for the 2nd annual hot dog eating contest, should be fun:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Printers Row Church of Scientology Plans to Open This Year?

An article about the Church of Scientology's building boom with many references to the Printers Row location that is supposed to be opening by the end of the year:

The windows are boarded-up and there's a "Keep Out" sign in the windowsill. Many in the Printer's Row neighborhood are unaware that the vacant brick building is slated to become Illinois' new welcome center for the Church of Scientology at the end of the year. The $4-million purchase of the seven-story structure is part of a nationwide push by Scientologists to open a host of new church buildings and draw new members into the faith.

So what will be at the Printers Row location?

Scientologists say the Chicago building will focus on community outreach. Plans include a lobby open to the public that will host educational materials and displays on Hubbard, his religious philosophies and prolific writings; a large chapel will be able to convert into a space for community gatherings.
For more background on the Church of Scientology and our coverage of the building click here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PDNA's Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday

The Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance is hosting an Easter egg hunt this Saturday (4/3) from noon to 2pm at Women's Park (just south of 18th on Indiana Ave.). For more information on the event check out their link here.

A Shout Out to Tejas Yoga

A reader writes favorably about Tejas Yoga in the Sloop:
Thank you for posting the information on the new hot yoga center that will open eventually in the Sloop. I practice yoga and am always interested in new places to practice, especially ones in the neighborhood. I noticed that your blog didn't feature Tejas Yoga which opened towards the end of last year. I know that one of the owners actually lives in the in the Sloop. I've attended a few classes here and would love for them to get some attention so they can build a sustainable business in the Sloop.
(Hat Tip: LH!)
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