Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anti-Olympic Protest Set for IOC Visit

It looks like the group, No Games Chicago, has organized and gained permits for a April 2nd rally at the Federal Plaza (Dearborn and Adams). They are expecting around 2,000 people.

This coincides with the IOC's (International Olympic Committee's) visit to Chicago to evaluate the cities bid to host the 2016 Olympics. The IOC will make similar visits to other competitors shortly after the visit to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Here's an image that is sure to bury the olympics bid. A cartoon of Mayor Daley as Nero
playing the violin song of the olympics while Chicago burns in the distance.
It will resonate in two ways. It harkens back to his father dipicted as Ceasar on Royko's book Boss and it echos the historic disaster of the Great Chicago Fire.

Sloopy said...

Does this image/cartoon exist? Or something you're just proposing?

While you might be right, I doubt it's going to 'bury the olympics'. At the end of the day the IOC officials are going to vote and from what we've read most of them are relatively disconnected from what's actually going on in the applicant cities.

The voting seems to be a very political process and one that relies on a small group of IOC insiders who pursuade and pull strings behind the scenes.