Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Set to Go to Copenhagen for Chicago 2016

According to a news source in Denmark, it looks like President Barack Obama will be in Copenhagen for the final vote to determine which city will host the 2016 Olympic games. As Sloopin and numerous other people have speculated, Obama's presence could significantly boost Chicago's bid. Some analysts have gone so far to say that if Obama shows up, it's a lock for Chicago.

Although we're not that confident, we agree that Obama's star power, eloquence and most importantly his relationship with the city of Chicago could be very beneficial. The mayor of Copenhagen seems excited:
Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard is happy at the prospect of Obama coming to town.

“A great bit of news. I’m really looking forward to it,” she says, adding: “Now we just have to make sure we can get him out of the meeting rooms and into the city so citizens can meet him in real life and not just see black limousines rushing by.”
Will the IOC members be as excited to meet him? Our guess...Yes they will (sorry, we had to have some cheesy Obama catch phrase attempt)!

Obama's in Their Heads
Yesterday, Juan Antonio Samaranch, a former IOC committe president and influential leader for Madrid's 2016 bid said Obama would be "a positive point for Chicago's candidacy". Key leaders for Tokyo's bid have said similar things. And if that's not enough, Rio's bid has adopted Obama's campaign slogan, Yes We Can. Sounds like they're scared to us.

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