Monday, April 24, 2017

Swap-O-Rama Replaces CSI at 1725 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
So we woke up a couple of days ago to learn that CSI had left and this new business had moved in. Seeing people come in and out though we haven't gone to investigate yet. Surprised this would move in here (1725 S Michigan Ave) and wonder its impact on our neighborhood.

For those who aren't familiar with this building here is a shot from google maps.  It's on the east side of Michigan avenue and right across the street from South Loop Market (so very close to the intersection of 18th and Michigan).

We've heard of Swap-o-Rama but have never been.  Thoughts?  Has anyone been to this one or another?

(Hat tip:  SM!)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Sloopin Open House: Holy Fridge Batman!

Townhouses seem to be in short supply and the Sloop and this one at 1319 S. Indiana is a prime example of that.  This specific 3bd/3bth unit clocks in at a high $985K, but it's very nice and has amazing finishes.

Maybe that's what the market is asking, but damn that's a lot for a 3bd townhouse.

That being said, upon scrolling through their pictures this amazingly large fridge stood out:

Regardless if this is in your budget, it would be a fun open house to check-out.  If you do, please open the fridge and take a picture...we're curious what it looks like inside!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Who's Ready for the Free Millennium Park Summer Music Series

Yeah for free music at Pritzker Pavilion.  Time Out Chicago gives us the rundown:
This year's lineup of acts is one of the most diverse to date, including a number of international artists—a calculated approach on the part of DCASE to showcase "Chicago’s status as a welcoming city." Highlights of the concert series include Grammy-winning jazz singer Gregory Porter, Norwegian jazz fusion act Jaga Jazzist, Colombian singer Totó La Momposina, alt-country band Drive-By Truckers and Mali guitar and vocal duo Amadou & Mariam. 
Take a look at the full Millennium Park Summer Music Series lineup below and look forward to late evenings on the Pritzker Pavilion lawn with friends, drinks and free music.
  • Monday, June 12 Otis Taylor + Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native
  • Thursday, June 15 No BS! Brass Band + Dayme Arocena
  • Monday, June 19 Gregory Porter + Tomeka Reid Quartet
  • Thursday, June 22 Hurray for Riff Raff + Matthew Santos
  • Monday, June 26 Jaga Jazzist + AfrotroniX
  • Thursday, June 29 Lady Wray + Zeshan B & the Transistors
  • Monday, July 10 Natalie Prass + Angelica Garcia
  • Thursday, July 13 Totó La Momposina + Xenia Rubinos
  • Monday, July 17 Big Thief + Overcoats
  • Thursday, July 20 Drive-By Truckers + Honeysuckle
  • Monday, July 24 Amadou & Mariam + Frank Waln 
  • Monday, August 7 Gaby Moreno + Centavrvs
  • Thursday, August 10 Youssou N’Dour + Bassel & The Supernaturals
  • Thursday, August 17 Joshua Nelson + Tone Ross & Inspired
  • Monday, August 21 TBA

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What's Going on in the Retail Space at 2113 S. State?

A reader writes:
After seeing that no one else clued you guys in to the grocer on State closing, looks like Stone Grill, formerly Big Mikes Gyros, formerly something else a couple years ago is either closed or remodeling. Lots going on in the building just to the south of them, so not sure if that property has a tenant moving in, but last week the windows were all papered at Stone Grill, this week paper is gone, so not sure what is up...
The last time we posted about this place was when we got word that Jack's Chicago Grill (2113 S. State) was going to replace Big Mikes Gyros back in 2015.  Clearly we haven't had our finger on the pulse of this one.

Anyway, anyone have the scoop on what's going on here?  Pretty much this entire block south to Cermak is empty with remodeling and renovating going on in almost every spot.

(Hat tip:  KS!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time Out Chicago Profiles a Couple BYOF Sloop Spots

We really want to go to Jazz of these days...

Anyway looks like we can bring our own food if this article in the Time Out Chicago is right:
Let's face it, bar food can get really old, really fast. Why not save room (and cash) for some of Chicago's finest drinks by hitting up a BYOF (bring your own food) joint? Here are a few of our favorites. 
The Jazz Showcase: See jazz greats perform at this Chicago institution in South Loop. Located in the old Dearborn Station around the corner from Harold Washington Library, Jazz Showcase has played host to the likes of Roy Hargrove, Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

Vice District Brewing Co.: Enjoy some local flavor at the Vice District taproom, where you can pair handcrafted Chicago brews with food from the heart of the city. Located within walking distance of Soldier Field, Museum Campus and countless other downtown attractions, the taproom welcomes dogs, babies and even folks just looking to get a little work done on the free WiFi. 

We've actually brought Kurah (1315 S. Michigan) to Vice (1454 S. Michigan) and it was a lovely time.  We would recommend it to anyone.

Monday, April 17, 2017

D'Jons Barbershop (1514 S. Wabash) Relocating Out of the Sloop

A reader writes:
We heard this business was moving soon because it's close to our building and my boyfriend would get his haircut there.  
Didn't know the timeline to the move, but they are now gone. Glad they are just moving and not going out of business. Nice guys. New location is in Bronzeville close to Sox park.
We've never actually been inside, but every time we walked by it seemed like they were busy and had a nice vibe going.

Anyway, sad to D'Jons move out, but hopefully something else good will go in.

Seems like it would be a good space for a restaurant or something.

(Hat tip:  HH & LW!)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Sloopin Open House: Easter Weekend at the Pope Building

Seems fitting that the open house we're checking out this weekend is in the Pope Building (633 S. Plymouth Ct Unit #802).  But Easter goers don't fret, the open house is on Saturday - not Easter Sunday!

This specific unit looks very spacious and while it's a 1 bed / 1.5 bath clocking in at $315K, it's a great location and has some solid character (fun windows!):

This specific open house starts at Noon and goes until 2pm.  Hop on over and say hi to the Pope for us!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Curbed Checks in on 9 Current Development Projects in the Sloop

If you walk outside in the neighborhood, chances are you're going to stumble upon a large scale development underway.  If you're a reader of Sloopin you probably have your pulse on most of these, but Curbed Chicago has a great post providing an overview of 9 current projects:
Development at 1136 S. Wabash (image via Curbed)
Construction crews are busy adding several major new projects to the South Loop area which will not only reshape the neighborhood’s skyline, but will deliver thousands of new apartment units and hotel rooms to the area. The upcoming entertainment district at McCormick Place is finally taking shape as the 39-story Mariott Marquis hotel is clad in glass and the new Wintrust Arena starts filling out. 
However, the most dramatic project underway in the South Loop is the 792-unit One Grant Park which will exceed the 800-foot mark. The tower’s design, which resembles the bumbled tube style of the Willis Tower, comes from star architect Rafael Viñoly. Some skyscraper watchers suggest that the structural pinnacle could eventually reach as high 892 feet. 
Construction activity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either as the area has at least one more major project that has yet to line up permits and financing. 

Believe it or not, there is actually more than this...they didn't include the Riverline project (Harrison and Wells), the apartment development at Polk and Federal, and the nearly complete "30 East" apartment development at Wabash and Balbo.

It's a lot, so curious to see what impact this has to the neighborhood regarding traffic, retail development, congestion, etc.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Roosevelt Park Gets Re-sodded; Dearborn Park as Well?

A reader writes:
Came by Roosevelt Park this morning and saw workers positioning heavy landscaping equipment- on my way home just now, the whole grass field has been roped off and work has begun. Was about time for some new grass! Looks like the neighborhood canines need to find a new place to frolic. 

Additionally, we saw that Dearborn Park (Polk and Plymouth Ct) was roped off so imagine the same thing is happening there.

Both parks weren't looking very good so hopefully this helps!

(Hat tip: HD!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lakeside Grocery Closes at 1912 S. State

It appears that Lakeside Grocery (1912 S. State) has closed their doors judging by the sign in the window.  We're not sure when this happened, but did notice it recently.

We doubt anyone is truly going to miss this place (clearly as no one flagged this to us!).

As a reminder they opened back in late 2011.

Business Counter is up-to-date!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Two Michigan High-Rises Get Building Permits to Begin Their Ascent

In case you missed it last week, two large Michigan Avenue high-rises received building permits to start their vertical accent.

First up was Essex on the Park at 808 S. Michigan (via Curbed):
While the 56-story Essex on the Park tower at 808 S. Michigan Avenue celebrated a formal groundbreaking with shiny shovels and VIP photo-ops back in January, the upcoming high-rise is now ready to begin construction in earnest. Yesterday, the project was granted its first building permit covering work on its foundation and structure up to the underside of the tower’s 6th floor.

Later in the week, it was announced that a 47-story tower at 1326 got theirs (via Curbed):
Approved by the City of Chicago in spring of 2016, a glassy 47-story high-rise proposed for the parking lot at 1326 S. Michigan Avenue has received the official go-ahead from the city and can begin work on its caisson-supported foundation system.  
Designed by local firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), 1326 S. Michigan features a glassy facade with chamfered corners. The look is somewhat evocative of Norman Foster’s lantern-like Hearst Tower in New York and the "stacked frustum" geometry of Jeanne Gang’s Vista Tower under construction in Chicago’s Lakeshore East.
Get ready for two more cranes to join the neighborhood!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Wait...When Did Nice & Distressed Open at 723 S. Dearborn?

The weather was beautiful this weekend and as a result we went for a stroll through Printers Row something caught our attention - a store front full of antiques!

We noticed this a couple months backs but honestly didn't think much about it.  However, this time we noticed some signage:

While it's a little hard to read in the picture it says "Nice & Distressed - Furniture, Decor and Gifts".  Their website is pretty sparse and their Facebook page has some stuff going back to October of 2016.

What we're unsure of is if this store is sharing space with Farmer Insurance?  There is still a Farmers Insurance sign perpendicular to the sidewalk so we're not really sure what's going on here.

Has anyone been inside?  Does anyone have any scoop?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Sloopin Open House:
Lofted Living Room and Remodeled Kitchen

We're a fan of lofted living rooms, but these features tend to be more prevalent in the burbs where space is ample.  So when you see it in the city it stands out!

That brings us to our featured Sloopin Open House this week which is a townhouse in the Dearborn Park II neighborhood (1328 S. Federal St. Unit L):
We've always found the units in this development more interesting than the normal townhouses in the neighborhood and it appears that the owners/real estate agent have factored that into the price (this is registering in at $700K).

That being said, the kitchen looks to have been recently remodeled and the overall appearance of the unit looks nice.  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Carjacker Update: 1 Held After Brazen Attempt on Wednesday Evening

This story gets crazier.  Please be aware (via NBC):
One man is in custody after a daring carjacking attempt at a gas station that led to a police chase beginning in downtown Chicago, authorities said Wednesday.  
Around 6:50 p.m., officers responded to a “holding the offender” call in the 1200 block of S. Wabash in the city’s South Loop neighborhood, according to police. A man was being held by a security guard at a gas station after an attempted car theft at what many patrons said is a popular BP.  
Another vehicle sped away, resulting in a crash before continuing to flee the scene, officials said.

Just crazy.  This is one of the most highly trafficked areas of the Sloop and this happened during a busy time of the day.

All we can say is wow and hopefully they find the other person/people.

(Hat tip:  ND!0

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Be Aware: Carjackings on Michigan Avenue

Wow - this seems like a pretty brazen act!  Hopefully it was a one day thing (via CBS):
Imagine sitting in traffic on a busy city street when, out of nowhere, you’re facing a gun and a demand for your car. 
It happened twice in one day last week in the South Loop.

Police believe the same suspects are behind both crimes, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports. 
Chicago police say keep watch for a black Chrysler Sebring. They believe carjackers used one to approach two drivers on South Michigan Avenue at gunpoint last Wednesday and demand their cars.

Dave Sudzus, who started the South Loop Safety Association last fall, says once police issued an alert his group blasted it out on its text thread.

Police say two male suspects first approached a driver in traffic at gunpoint near 9th and Michigan last Wednesday. The driver got away, but later that night, police believe they did it again near 21st and Michigan. This time, they got the car and the driver’s phone.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DePaul Arena - Will it Thrive or Falter?

The sun-times ponders whether or not the new DePaul Arena is going to thrive or struggle:
Coupled with 17 home games for DePaul men’s basketball and “six-to-eight” games for the Blue Demons’ women’s team, Kennedy said he’s more than half-way home toward the goal of booking the arena for 50 events during the first twelve months.
“It’s a beautiful new venue. It’s a beautiful new campus. Two additional hotels under construction. The Marriott Marquis will be open late summer. New restaurants just popped open down the street. Motor Row is invigorating these days. We’re excited. I have full confidence of being able to get to 50 events,” he said.

The other perspective plays out like this:
Even if the 50-booking benchmark is reached, Chicago-based sports business consultant Marc Ganis predicted that most of the events would be “economically meaningless, both to the facility and to Chicago taxpayers.”
I fully expect they will do whatever they can in the first few years to try and gin up a positive spin because this was such a foolhardy project in the first place,” said Ganis, who has opposed the project from the get-go. 
“It was a ridiculous use of limited public money at a time when we’re raising taxes to unprecedented levels and still see no light at the end of the tunnel. Every now and then, governments decide to build vanity projects. That’s what this is.”

As most debates the reality is probably somewhere in the middle.  Regardless of how you feel, the new stadium is opening in October.  Hopefully it proves to be successful.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Portillo's Famous Double-Layer Chocolate Cake is $0.54 on April 6

Because this cake is good (via Chicago Tribune):
To celebrate its 54th anniversary, the popular restaurant chain will be offering patrons 54-cent slices of its double-layer chocolate cake (regularly $3.09 a slice) on April 6.  
And let’s be clear: Portillo’s cake isn’t some generic, run-of-the-mill confection. It’s the kind of chocolate decadence you hope Miss Trunchbull forces you to eat (“Matilda” throwback).

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Parish 14 Looks to be Open at 2333 S. Michigan

A reader writes:
Looks like the restaurant Parish is now open 2333 S Michigan. (Caribbean fusion food)

(Hat tip: EH!)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chef Luciano + Baderbrau Brewery = Baderbrau Kitchen

Two neighborhood joints team up (via Eater):
Baderbräu brewery has no problems with quenching their patrons’ thirsts, but now they’re doing something to satisfy their customers’ hungers. Starting in April, the brewpub will collaborate with another South Loop business, Chef Luciano, the Italian restaurant that’s been around since 1982. Together, they’ll launch the Baderbräu Kitchen, offering patrons a menu that complements the brewery’s beer. 
The menu will feature small plates and entrees including beer-battered shrimp made with Baderbräu’s flagship Czech-style pilsner, according to a brewery spokeswoman. The Tribune just last week named the beer among the 15 most-important beers in Chicago. In an act of synergy, Chef Luciano is serving up the shrimp in honor of Catholic Lent. This way eager eaters can get a preview of the forthcoming menu.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Going In at 1006 S. Michigan Retail Space?

A reader writes:
Do you have any info on the construction going on in the 1006 S Michigan Ave street level? This is the space the Hyde Park daycare was advertising in the windows but never opened. Construction crews were hard at work around 6 AM today and some of the paper was off the windows. The metal studs appear to suggest lots of walls so not a restaurant. Maybe the sales/construction offices of the new high rise that now has the advertising wall along Michigan Avenue?
The reader was referring to American Kidz Academy (post from 2013)...but that never opened.

Does anyone have any scoop?

If we had to guess, the sales office is a pretty good one.

(Hat tip:  B2)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I Need a Hero...Coffee Bar

Upon a recent walk south from the Loop down Dearborn, we had a couple extra minutes and need a caffeine jolt.  Luck for us, Hero Coffee Bar (439 S. Dearborn) was in our vicinity.

Ok, ok.  This is north of Congress and in our opinion isn't really the Sloop, but whatever - we're going to talk about it today because we liked it!

It's always been a qualm with peeps in the Sloop...peeps want more coffee shops!

Anyway, this is a good one if you haven't been.  It's nothing fancy, but has some delicious coffee (we opted for an afternoon cappuccino).  We especially liked this wall:

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Renderings Reveal What Looks Like a 74th Floor Terrace at 1000M

Curbed Chicago had a post about some new renderings for the 1000 S. Michigan high-rise that's supposed to break ground in 2018:
As the yet-to-be-built 74-story South Loop skyscraper known as 1000M prepares to start marketing its 323 luxury condominiums, a pair of newly-provided renderings offer the best look yet at the upcoming Helmut Jahn-designed tower. The 832-foot building will feature greenish blue glass, metal horizontal spandrels between each floor, and a crown screened in metallic mesh.
While that's nice and all, we clicked over to their website and noticed a close-up of what we presume is either an amazingly high penthouse terrace or a crazy shared amenity outdoor rooftop space:

Pretty crazy to imagine a terrace on the 74th floor - might be a little windy up there.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Keep Grant Green" Group Isn't Happy With the Commercialization of Grant Park

Those be some fighting words (via Crains):
Move over, Friends of the Parks. The group that kept the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art from landing in Chicago now has company in Keep Grant Green, a grassroots organization whose mission is to prevent what it calls the overcommercialization of Grant Park. 
Keep Grant Green, a coalition of South Loop residents founded in 2016, objects to "the push to develop Grant Park along commercial lines." It cites specifically Grant Park Conservancy's plans for a proposed outdoor gym, Health Space @ Grant Park. The 36,000-square-foot project, planned for south of Balbo Drive and just west of Columbus Drive, would take over the park's former skate park. That skate park closed after a new skate park opened off Roosevelt Road in 2014.

Keep Grant Green takes issue with "the ever-increasing stream of corporate-sponsored festivals" that take place at the park. Keep Grant Green's website quotes a 2015 University of Chicago study showing that for about 54 percent of the time between April 1 and December 1 of 2015, large portions of the park were closed to the public.

It also questions the relationship between the nonprofit Grant Park Conservancy and Grant Park Advisory Council, one of the city's 50-some advisory councils linked to public parks. Robert O'Neill has been president of Grant Park Advisory Council for 18 years. He is also president of Grant Park Conservancy, which he founded in 2002 to advocate for the park. "This is really just insulting to me," O'Neill says of Keep Grant Green. "I have spent 35 years advocating for green space in Chicago."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Teppanyaki + Mexican = Interesting New Concept for Former Zapatista Space?

Mexican Teppanyaki Coming to the Sloop?
This story continues to develop thanks to our friends at Eater Chicago:
Inspired by Japanese teppanyaki, a new—and unnamed—South Loop restaurant from the team behind the Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen will feature a private room with a tabletop grill serving Mexican food. Chris Bravos, a Scout partner, said he envisions groups as large as 24 reveling around the table with margaritas in hand, commiserating while skirt steak or octopus sizzles. They’re hoping to open this summer after giving the former Zapatista a facelift.  
Bravos, who was also on the opening team at The Pony in Lakeview, said a shot of tequila or pitcher of sangria would only enhance the tabletop grill experience. Bravos has a chef in mind to helm the kitchen, but he’s not ready to make an announcement.  
“We’re thinking tacos, you can pick your ingredients—if you want a corn or flour tortilla—right at the table,” Bravos said.
Well that's an interesting concept and would definitely provide a unique offering for the neighborhood.  We love both of these cuisines, so we'll be watching this one closely.

The concept is pretty far out (and honestly if it was April 1st we may be questioning this one as April Fools), but we appreciate the potential ambition here.  

For those new to this story, one of our perceptive readers noticed some activity at the old Zapatista spot as well as some Scout people going into the restaurant.  It appears that this tip proved to be true - super hat tip to MM!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Looks Like The Scout Ownership is Indeed Doing Something at Old Zapatista Space

Late last week we received an email about some activity at the old Zapatista.  Well Eater Chicago followed-up and got some more intel:
Ownership of Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen, one of the best sports bars in the South Loop, appear to be taking over the neighboring Zapatista space at 1307 S. Wabash Ave. Scout partner Jeff Wolff is listed on a city building permit for the shuttered restaurant. Wolff is a contractor, designer, and also a partner at Ronero, the recently-opened South American-inspired restaurant and cocktail club on Randolph Restaurant Row.  
Wolff’s company, WolffHager, is listed on the permit to work on kitchen fixtures and dry wall work at the address. The permit was dated for last week. Wolff didn’t respond to a request for comment so it’s not clear if this is a Scout expansion or a new project from the team.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is "Riverside District Master Plan" the Current Concept for 62-Acre Rezkoland?

We know that the vegetation at the 62-acre lot has been cleared out.  We know there is someone working on a master plan for the lot.  We also posted about a potential conceptual design back in December of 2016.  But realistic we don't have a lot of concrete info.

That being said, a reader writes:
Was surfing the web and found this page regarding the rezko lot - not sure if its current but somethings happening over there.

This info is coming on the SCB website for a project called "Riverside District Master Plan" and goes on to explain:
Challenges encountered during the plan’s development included site accessibility, construction over an existing active rail line, establishing physical and visual linkages to the project, and creating a unique sense of place. SCB Planning’s design concept envisioned the landscape as a key design feature reinforced by a linear “Central Park” that would connect a network of ecological landscapes, pocket parks, and greenways. A river walk promenade links the riverfront development through a series of multi-family residential buildings and townhomes. The open spaces in the plan serve as pedestrian gathering spots and linkages to the surrounding neighborhoods. The redevelopment of this currently vacant site will greatly improve the transition between the downtown and South Loop neighborhoods, and activate the riverfront of the near south side.

This looks much more realistic than the post we did back in December.  Anyone have additional detail?  Can anyone corroborate?

(Hat tip:  JD!)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Porkchop in Printers Row Leaves the Neighborhood

We received a bunch of emails from readers about this topic - here is one:
I saw when I was walking that porkchop on Dearborn next to Starbucks closed. Apparently it moved to adam's street out of the sloop.

Porkchop has a bunch of locations and actually also operates Chop in Roosevelt Collection.  We never tried this place, but also never saw much foot traffic inside (oh and the Yelp reviews ain't very good).

Never like to see places leave the Sloop, but something tells us most readers won't be missing this one.

Hopefully they can get a good tenant.  The space is slightly strange if we recall correct.  Why not just have Starbucks take it over and make it have more seating...that would be nice.

(Hat tip: AN, SB, SG!)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Sloopin Open House: Sweet Design & Decoration

This week we take a look at what appears to be a studio masked as a 1bd/1bth at 732 S. Financial Pl (unit #414).  That being said, don't sleep on this's an interesting unit.

It's a corner unit and appears spacious:

It also has some cool design elements like this moose!

The unit is listed at $255K and from what we can tell it doesn't include parking.

You can go check out this open house at 732 S. Financial Pl this Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm both days.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Are Scout Peeps Working on a Concept at Old Zapatista Space?

A reader writes:
There is work going on at Zapatista. Last week the lights were on and the lease sign had come down. Now the windows are covered up and there is a dumpster outside with work going on inside. Further, saw some Scout personnel walking in there - maybe there opening something else?
Well this is a juicy one!  Sounds promising - anyone have additional info?  If true, any thoughts on what Scout might be thinking about?  Seems like it would have to be a pretty different concept to have success (not just another sports bar...).

As a reminder, back in October of last year we posted about this retail space getting a new owner.  The old restaurant, Zapatista, was a neighborhood stalwart that seemed to have a steady crowd. The closed abruptly back in June of 2015.

(Hat tip:  MM!)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lollapalooza 4-Day Tickets Go On Sale Tuesday; Get Ready for Lineup Leak

Yes we have a lot of snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean we can't dream of warmer times and sunshine....and lollapalooza (via chicagoist):
There's still no word on who is actually playing Lollapalooza when it returns to Grant Park this year, from Aug. 3 to 6. But since some folks stopped caring less about the music and more about the party years ago, it makes total sense that four-day tickets will go on sale sans any news of the bands playing next week, on March 21.
While we still don't officially know who is playing the massive festival, the post goes on to say that the lineup is usually leaked sometime soon - so stay tuned.

Lollapalooza has a solid history of selling out, no mater who's playing, so if you don't want to take chances waiting on single day tickets and lineups, get ready to hit that refresh button at 10 a.m. next Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Old Hackney's to Be Re-Branded "Hax" and Supposedly Opening This Month

Last week we posted about a reader who noticed activity at the old Hackney's (733 S. Dearborn).  Today another reader sent us a link about the chain and a blurb about this location (from the Daily Herald):
The family is renovating and changing the name of its Chicago location, Hackney's in Printer's Row, at 733 S. Dearborn St.  
To be called Hax, the eatery is expected to reopen within the month and will cater to a younger crowd. "It will be quick, more of a fast-casual location," Landri said.
We knew it was going to be a faster concept, but the name Hax is new information to us.  Even better, glad to see they're hoping to open later this month!

(Hat tip:  JJ!)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Suspected South Loop Target Carjacker Apprehended in Atlanta

Remember that carjacking at Target back in January during the middle of the day?  Yeah, that was scary...

Anyway, the suspect has been apprehended in Atlanta (via DNAinfo):
A man suspected of carjacking a BMW in the parking garage of the South Loop Target is in custody in Atlanta, according to federal authorities and the neighborhood's alderman.  
Carnell King is also accused of firing shots during a Jan. 10 crime spree that included at least one other carjacking.

Monday, March 13, 2017

How Much Concrete is Needed for a 76-Story Foundation?

A reader sends us the following picture checking in at the 76-Story high-rise coming to Roosevelt and Indiana:
Armada of Trucks delivering cement to be poured in Foundations. May be 25 trucks.

(Hat tip: CL!)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Workers Apparently Ready to Move Inside Old Post Office

According to Curbed Chicago:
A new permit from the city has signaled that workers are preparing to move inside Chicago’s massive Old Main Post Office structure to begin rehabbing the Art Deco building’s lobby. Workers were first spotted on the scene back in October of last year to begin exterior facade repair and restoration. Having stood vacant for over 20 years and suffered through multiple fires and the neglect during that time, the overhaul of the building is expected to be a $500 million undertaking.
Everyday (and weekend) it seems like there is significant action at the building.  Last weekend we saw a helicopter actively buzzing around moving stuff around.  Good to see some progress at this place!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New 39-Story Marriott Marquis on Cermak "Topped Off"

Curbed Chicago checks in on the new Marriott on Cermak:
Crews working on the largest Chicago hotel project in years have hoisted the final piece of the upcoming Marriott Marquis’ structural steel into place, effectively “topping off” the 39-story hotel. When it opens this summer, the dark blue tower will deliver a staggering 1,205 guest rooms to the recently rebranded McCormick Square entertainment and hospitality district flanking the McCormick Place convention center. 
According to the hotel’s official website, the Marriott Marquis Chicago will feature a large ground floor restaurant/food court and a pair of 25,000-square-foot ballrooms for a total of 90,000 square feet of meeting space. An indoor/outdoor rooftop bar on the eastern setback of the tower’s 33rd floor is also rumored to have been added to the mix.
We recently were driving down Cermak and have to admit that the hotel design is sleek and striking.  Obviously it's bringing a lot of rooms to the area and should aide in bringing more foot traffic as well (which is desperately needed if the city's grand ambitions for this area are to be realized).

The indoor/outdoor rooftop bar is a nice addition also.

The post on Curbed also calls out two other big development projects coming to this stretch of Cermak - a 22-story hotel and retail development on the Southside of Cermak between Indiana and Michigan and a hotel/apartment complex at the NE corner of Cermak/Wabash.

Assuming all three of these projects are fully completed it's easy to see how they could supercharge the area.  There is definitely a smattering of restaurants and businesses in the area, but it's pretty sparse.  Maybe these developments will help change that.