Monday, September 1, 2014

Enjoy Your Labor Day!

It's labor day...we're not working!

But don't worry, we're not going to leave you completely hanging.  If you're hungry for something to consumer, here are two great youtube videos of from the Lollapalooza feed of the Outkast concert (remember we really really really liked this concert):

Part 1 (30 minutes)
Part 2 (60 minutes)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shots Around the Sloop: Pothole Silver Lining

A reader writes:
CDOT neglect allows view of Sloop's past:  Seems like these potholes might not get fixed before winter, but at least we get to see some "hidden Chicago," to steal a phrase. 
On eighteenth under the old railroad bridge, just west of Clark, we can see the old brick street, along with three rail tracks, presumably for a pair of street trolleys from the sloop's past.

(Hat tip: MLG!)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Walking Tour of Chicago's Classic Rail Stations

The Chicago Architecture Blog recently did a post about a Rail Station walking tour they did which included the Sloop's Dearborn Station.  They provide some context on why the did the tour:
We are lucky to still have a classically designed working rail station in Chicago, filled with ornamentation and unusual designs in its nooks and crannies.  
There were actually eight interstate rail stations in the city back in 1930, all located in the same general area. I went along with intrepid local historian Rich Kolar and a dozen street photographers last weekend to shoot the remnants of that golden era of rail travel. It’s a walk ripe with possibilities for architectural photography.

Classic rail stations are usually something to behold.  If you have some time, maybe you can recreate this walking tour - sounds fun to us.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Vintage Post Cards Showcase Old-Timey Sloop

Because we like looking at old-timey Chicago, Curbed Chicago recently posted a link to 51 vintage Chicago postcards (featuring some familiar Sloop locations like Solider Field, Congress Hotel, Shedd, among others).

Our favorite is this amazing panoramic drawing of the 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair and the Sloop before it was the Sloop.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why is the Printer's Row Fountain Off?

Printer's Row Fountain When Water is Running

A reader asks:
I was just curious if you have the scoop on why the fountain in the Printer's Row Park (between Federal and Dearborn) is off?
Not sure.  Anyone?

(Hat tip:  KM!)

Chicago Fire Shooting in the Sloop Today

A reader sends us the following pic:
(Hat tip: AK!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Sloop Civic Project Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Neighborhood?

If you're a regular on the site, you know we often do polls on our right navigation bar.  Sometimes they're insignificant and sometimes they're a little more serious.

Anyway, just wanted to call your attention to a poll we just launched asking "Which Impending Sloop Civic Project Will have the Biggest Impact on the Neighborhood?"

For some background here are links to each project:

Did we miss anything else substantial?

Some pretty big projects going on if you ask us - never a dull moment in the Sloop!

Is FruVe Finally Opening?

A reader writes about FruVe potentially opening:
Last night I was walking past 1130 S. Wabash around 10:00 PM and saw some guys cleaning off the inside glass of the FruVe storefront. It's been closed up for months with no signs of opening, but it looks like this juice bar or something like it is going to open up after all. There is no signage, but there was refrigeration equipment, etc. inside, so I'm not sure if it's the same concept or not. Have any info on this?
We don't have any info on this unfortunately.  It's been over a year since this was announced so would be pretty surprised if it's FruVe (especially since they took down all the signage and whatnot).

Anyone have any intel on this?

UPDATE:  Upon some further investigation on our end (aka walking by the retail space) we snapped the following picture.  Looks like FruVe is opening:

(Hat tip: JK!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New McCormick Place Arena and Hotel Set to Begin Construction in Early 2015 and Shooting for Completion in 2017

Curbed Chicago provides an update:
Tuesday night, the 3rd ward's alderman Pat Dowell hosted a public meeting where McCormick Place representatives presented an update on the ongoing development project to expand the convention facility's footprint by constructing a new Pelli Clarke Pelli designed arena and events center, a new high rise hotel and convention center, as well as a new data center. The meeting was primarily meant to address neighborhood residents' concerns about the traffic and parking implications of the new construction and facilities, but there were a few updates about the buildings themselves. 
The 51 story hotel building, set to be a Marriott Marquis with 1,200 rooms and considerable conference and event space, as well as the 10,000 seat stadium, which will host DePaul University's basketball games and be available for concerts and other events, will both start construction in January 2015. The stadium should be completed by February 2017, with the hotel's completion following in May.

Monday, August 25, 2014

T.J. Maxx Opens at The Maxwell

If this CTA bus advertising is correct, T.J. Maxx apparenty opened yesterday at The Maxwell.

Business counter is updated.

Sloop's Beer Movement Progressing...Just Not as Fast As Everyone Wants!

The Sloop's beer revolution is still developing (which we will chalk up to the City that works...working slowly?!?!?).  Back in May we checked in on the numerous beer centric happenings in the neighborhood.

Anyway, last we heard Vice District Brewing was planning on opening this past Friday (8/22).  Well according to some Facebook posts, it sounds like they're just waiting on the city:

According to their posts, they will be opening up this upcoming Friday (8/29).

In other beer news, the popular Printer's Row spot Villains is also in waiting mode to officially open its doors.  We stopped in a couple of weeks ago just to see how things were going and can attest that the space is rad.  While their old spot was dark and dank (in a good way), the new buildout looks industrial and raw.  You will like.  But more importantly we know they know beer and we know you will like this as well.

Broad Shoulders Brewery which changed its name to Motor Row Brewery also seems to be making some good progress.  Their Facebook page is full of pictures and progress, but what it doesn't say is when they're going to be opening to the public.  Stay tuned.

Finally, South Loop Brewing Company is also making progress.  Currently they're not brewing in the Sloop, but hope to eventually.  Regardless, you have to start somewhere and hope to have them in the South Loop soon!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chicago Magazine Suggests Four Bands to Check-out At this Weekend's Bash on Wabash

The O'My's play Bash on Wabash this Saturday, August 23, at 6:45 p.m.   
Earlier this week we did a post about all of the things going on at the Bash on Wabash.

One thing we didn't spend much time on was the music (mostly because we didn't really know any of them).  Luckily Chicago Magazine did and highlights some of the acts in this post.

Based on their suggestions "The O'My's" seem the most interesting.  They sum it up:
This self-described “band of scoundrels and hooligans” are leading a new generation of local funk and soul nuts (they call it “rock-n-soul"), and go heavy on the Chicago pride. The band has collaborated with hometown heroes ranging from Twista to Chance the Rapper to the Chicago Children’s Choir, so there’s no telling who might pop on stage during their set Saturday evening. Saturday at 6:45 p.m.

So if you're looking for something to do, head on over to the Bash today and checkout some solid music!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sixpax Moves to Bigger Space at 1234 S. Michigan Suite 200

A reader sends us a email they received about Sixpax moving:
Thank you to all of our loyal Sixpax clients and teachers in the South Loop for all of your support and hard work the past three years. When I opened this business three years ago it was just me - teaching everything! Thanks to the community surrounding me today we have a team of ten and counting.  
I am THRILLED to announce we are moving TODAY (8/13/2014) into a newly renovated permanent home in the South Loop! 
Please visit us at: 1234 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 200 (In the old Universal Studios building above Ma&i Thai)  
Although we are growing into a larger space we are still proud to uphold our intimate class sizes and personalized community feel.  
Stay tuned for news about our grand opening specials, additional classes, and the fourth annual SIXPAXPALOOZA/GRAND OPENING party!

(Hat tip:  JV!)