Friday, March 6, 2009

South Loop Gay Community Mobilizes

Through the power of facebook, we ran into the 'Guerrilla Gay Bar: South Loop Chicago' group. What is this? Well according to their group description:
Guerrilla Gay Bar: SLC is a group dedicated to bring a fun bar atmosphere to the South Loop area of Chicago. Our current plan is to pick a South Loop bar the second weekend of each month to meet up at and "turn it gay."
The group has already held events at Wabash Tap and Grace O'Malley's and the next event is scheduled for March 13th at 9pm at Villain's Bar and Grill (649 S Clark St).

According to Wikipedia this is a national movement that was founded in San Francisco around 2000 and:
It is a non-confrontational group which specializes in direct action, largely through the use of the flash mob, a social movement tactic. For one night a month, Guerrilla Gay Bar plans to take over a straight venue and recontextualize the venue's demographic through the mobilization of their members. Though the main purpose of the group is to have fun in new places, offering a creative outlet for persons seeking a different atmosphere from the typical gay scene, the group also acts as a social movement organizer, utilizing its organizational structure to form coordinated movements.
Although "recontextualize the venue's demographic through the mobilization of their members" sounds a tad aggressive, this is an interesting phenomenon. For more information check out their Facebook group.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Why shouldn't South Loop have a gay bar scene? It's definitely big enough to have at least one bar.