Friday, March 27, 2009

Rio's Passionate Presentation for the 2016 Games

We've been following the events at this weeks Sportaccord in Denver and yesterday each 2016 Olympic candidate city had its chance to make its case to the IOC delegation on hand. Although there will be bigger platforms for each city to strut its stuff (like the IOC's visit to Chicago next week), this was seen as a big opportunity.

From this article on, Rio seems to have made a big, passionate impression with the attendees:
Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman made an emphatic plea for the IOC to send the Games to South America for the very first time while showing a map of past Olympic cities scattered across the rest of the globe. The delegates erupted in applause unlike any other during all four presentations.
As we've stated before, this is the main reason we think Rio is Chicago's biggest competition for the games.

In other Olympic news from Sportaccord, it sounds like the USOC and IOC have made some progress in terms of their revenue sharing dispute. As you might remember, this has been a sore subject between the two parties because many on the international side feel as if the US is getting too much money. Although both parties claim that this dispute wont affect Chicago's bid, most people feel as if it's a big cloud ready to rain on Chicago's potential parade.

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