Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sloopin Rumors: Room 21 and a 'New Club'

Two rumors that we recently heard circulating around the Sloop...

Room 21 is Closed
We heard this a couple of weeks ago and to be honest we were pretty surprised. Sloopin recently hit up this spot in November and really enjoyed the place. Well come to think of it, the decor and ambiance were awesome, but the food was so so:
In my eyes, the building and history kind of overshadow the food. Although everything we had was really good, nothing was amazing. However, with most Kleiner dinning experiences the food is only part of the package.
When we went it was a Friday night and the place was packed, but evidently that wasn't enough to keep it open. We tried to find some information online, but couldn't find much consistency.

According to Time Out Chicago, they're closed and re-opening in the Fall. However, when we called we got an answering machine saying that they are going to be closed for the month of January and re-opening Mid-February. On their website it simply says they're closed for the month of February and re-opening in March. Anyone know anything else about this?

A 'New Club' Opening in the South Loop
A friend of Sloopin recently mentioned that a new club is supposed to be opening across the street from Room 21 (around Wabash between Cermack and 21st). According to our source 'a lot of money is going into it' and it's going to be the 'South Loop's answer to Underground'.

It's an interesting and diverse area that has a mix of housing projects, upscale restaurants, McCormick Place and some new condo developments. Reggie's Rock Club is also located in the area (on State), maybe this is an area ripe for a South Loop night life scene?

Stay tuned...

(Hat Tip to: AG and LR)

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