Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coliseum Park Condo Update

Yochicago has a recent post updating some of the developments at Coliseum Park Condos (1440 S. Wabash). If you live in the South Loop you've probably been wondering what the hell is going on with this building. From the sounds of it, luck doesn't seem to be on their side. However, we're a little skeptical that they're completely innocent in the delays.

First off, the building doesn't resemble the prototype images on their website (pictured at the right). As of now there are no steeples and it looks like the roof is flat (maybe these will come later?). Second, we're pretty sure last summer we saw workers striking outside of the construction zone. Third, most of the recent work happens during weird hours (nights and weekends).

There might be an explanation for all of this, but it just seems peculiar to us. In all fairness to these developers, the pictures on YoChicago look great. We will be watching this one closely...

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