Sunday, March 8, 2009

More News About the USOC Changes

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article today talking about the resignation of Jim Scherr, ex-USOC CEO, and how it could effect Chicago's bid. Our take is that it's definitely not good news, but probably not as bad as we initially thought. When the news first broke, we automatically assumed that it had something to do with Chicago's bid. However, the more we've read, the more it seems like internal USOC politics.

Regardless, it's not good for Chicago's bid. The Tribune sums it up well here:
Look at the résumés of the top two national Olympic committee officials in the three countries with cities bidding against Chicago for the 2016 Summer Games, and you find credentials attesting to years of deep involvement in the Olympic movement on every level.

Three of the six were Olympic athletes. One of those three also is an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member. Of the other three, one ran a national sports federation for 12 years, another is an executive board member of an international federation and the last was a member of a Winter Olympic organizing committee.

And that isn't the half of what they have done in the Olympic sports world.

But it is light-years more than the two people now atop the leadership of the U.S. Olympic Committee, board of directors Chairman Larry Probst and interim Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Streeter.
This isn't Chicago's's the USOC's. We will see if Chicago and Obama can make up for the short falls of the our countries Olympic committee.

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