Friday, March 27, 2009

How Fast Things Can Change in the World of the Olympics

Just four days ago we pointed out that things seemed to be going in the wrong direction for Chicago's Olympic bid. But just like that, some of the biggest issues facing the bid seemed to have been dispelled by IOC president Jacques Rogges, who naturally is the most important and influential person within the organization.

Coming out of this weeks Sportaccord in Denver, multiple sources are confirming that the IOC and USOC have found a solution to the revenue sharing issue. This is great news for Chicago as it seems to remove the cloud that was said to be hanging over its bid.

Additionally another issue dogging Chicago's bid was addressed:
Rogge said Chicago's limited government financial guarantees would by no means be a deal-killer for its bid.

"What we definitely want is a guarantee, but the form of the guarantee is not an issue. The bottom line is there has to be a strong guarantee, and I'm quite sure Chicago is able to deliver."
What does this mean? Well, it appears that the USOC and IOC are on better terms then they were a week ago. Many in the media (including this blog) were making a big deal about the fact that the USOC leadership was changing. Evidently we were wrong, which again is good news for Chicago's bid.

Grading the 2016 Candidate City Presentations from Sportaccord
Around the Rings, a website that follows Olympic news, has a great recap and analysis of the presentations made by each 2016 candidate city. Chicago and Rio had the highest grades according to them (however all the grades seem pretty high):
  • Rio De Janeiro: A
  • Chicago: A-
  • Madrid: B+
  • Tokyo: B

Police Union to Protest During IOC Visit Next Week
The Sun-Times and other media sources are reporting that the police union will picket during the IOC visit to Chicago next week. We imagine Da Mayor won't be very happy about this one...

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The olympics in Rio will be dazzling. It invested a lot for the Pan American games it hosted a few years back. It will invest further for the World Cup in 2014. Already, the city and the feds are cracking on the drug business, years in advance, as this is the major source of (real) violence (pick pocketing excluded).