Monday, March 23, 2009

From First to Last for Chicago 2016

Bad news became worse for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid as the most recent rankings from has Chicago in last place out of the final four cities that are vying to host the 2016 Olympics:
Previously Chicago was in first place, but has fallen in the most recent ranking due to uncertainty at the USOC, questions about its reliance on corporate sponsorships and lack of federal funding.

However, the US Senate looks to have approved $250 million to back Chicago's bid in case of funding issues. Although this isn't a blank check like many of Chicago's competitors, it should help temper fears about funding.

Chicago's bid team will also have some opportunities to address these problems with two upcoming events. First, the bid team will pitch their Olympic plan this week at the SportAccord in Denver. Then in early April, IOC bid officials will be in Chicago to examine proposed 2016 sites and get more information about the bid.

Sometimes not being the favorite is a good thing...however being in last can't be good.

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