Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Info on Demolition of Ickes Buildings

As we stated a couple of weeks ago, the city announced that six of the Harold Ickes buildings in the South Loop will be demolished as part of the projects being funded by the federal stimulus package.

Since we know there are some readers who have asked about these buildings, we wanted to point you to a recent article in the Chicago Journal about the demolition as well as some reaction about the decision. Also in the article is a statement from the CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) about the buildings:
"Six of these buildings (Harold Ickes Buildings) are scheduled for demolition in the near future to remove what could become a haven for illegal activity. These highly dilapidated structures, a high vacancy rate and unsafe conditions make the consolidation and demolition of the buildings necessary."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is Daley's way of forcing the issue for the decision between an 18th or Cermak Green line station.

At the same time, while and 18th Street station is clearly the best option for the neighborhood, the development of Motor Row and the vacant lots to the west are not going to happen with the current daily zomby town exhibition on State south of Cermak.

Sloopy said...

We don't know if this will necessarily force the issue on the CTA stop, but it definitely signals the city's plan for this area.

We just posted a story for the Chi Town Daily News that said Daley approved the demolition of all 13 Ickes buildings (which is a change from the 6 that were previously set for demolition).