Thursday, March 19, 2009

Circle Line Funding Included in Initial 2010 State Budget

In case you didn't know, our new trusty Governor Pat Quinn recently unveiled his 2010 budget. The document is jammed packed with information, but of particular interest was the $1.5 Billion set aside for state transportation improvements. Although we don't know how much is reserved for the Circle Line, the fact that it's called out is encouraging. Here is what the budget proposal stated:

Preliminary engineering on the Chicago Transit Authority’s planned Circle Line – adding a circumferential loop and connecting all CTA and Metra rail lines in Chicago. Modernizing and replacing Chicago Transit Authority railcars.

There is a ton of back and forth that still needs to go on, but like we said it seems like discussions are progressing...


Scrumpy said...

Just a general comment... I found this blog today and love it. We're moving to Chicago in June and will definitely be checking out the site regularly for news and entertainment ideas.

Sloopy said...

Thanks for the support and welcome to Chicago!