Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shots Around the Sloop: A Movie Being Filmed?

Thanks to RL for sending us this picture. It looks like they're filming something at the basketball court at 18th and State:
It seems like there's a movie/commercial filming today around the basketball court on 18th and State. There's a couple of PA's (Production Assistants) running around and cops securing the place. Let me know if you figure out what it is. The only film I know that's in production right now is "Nightmare on Elm Street", but I don't know if this is it. On the pic you can see the trailers, director chairs under the blue tents, and PAs in their usual bright GAP type clothing.
We don't know much about this, but does anyone else?


James C. said...

It was a shoot for a Gatorade commercial to mark the release of limited edition Michael Jordan bottles. MJ is going to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in September and Gatorade is shooting a series of commercials where they've made famous images of Jordan out of bottles of gatorade(yesterday's image was MJ on his way up for a dunk). Not a movie, but a commercial in the Sloop in honor of a Chicago legend.

Press release on the limited edition bottles is here: http://mnr.onthescene.com/Gatorade/now-then-forever.html

Sloopy said...

Thanks James!

James C. said...

Pictures of the end result.