Friday, July 10, 2009

Double Dose of Guerrilla Gay Bar Tonight

We've posted about Guerrilla Gay Bar before (but if you need more background click here) and tonight it looks like they're doubling the fun by hitting up two South Loop bars tonight starting at 9pm:'s time for Guerrilla Gay Bar South Loop edition! Due to the response that GGB has received over the past few months, for the first time ever GGB will encompass two bars. Blackies - 755 S Clark St and South Loop Club - 1 E Balbo Ave are only a block apart so if you're having fun at one club you can head on over the other and have even more fun. GGB starts around 9PM. Check the Facebook page for full details.

1 comment:

Scrumpy said...

Damn, I need to hit this up next month. I'm missing my gay boyfriend back in Texas!