Wednesday, July 1, 2009

General Logan in Grant Park

If you're like us you love wandering around Grant Park. It's a great park that seems to become more interesting and beautiful each day (the weather might be helping with that as well). If you've walked, rode, drove or ran down Michigan Avenue by 9th street you've probably seen an interesting and quite striking memorial to General John Logan. The super talented peeps at The Windy Pixel took the amazing picture above and provide some interesting background on the statue:
A scene from Grant Park. This statue of General John Logan sits near Michigan & 9th. The statue serves to commemorate the Union Civil War General and Illinois Senator who is responsible for instituting Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day) in 1868. The Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago was also named after the General. The statue in Grant Park was designed by August Saint-Gaudens with the assistance of Alexander Phimster Proctor, and unveiled in 1897.
(The Great Image is from The Windy Pixel)

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