Friday, July 3, 2009

Progress on the New Fieldhouse at 18th and Indiana

The old Vietnam Veterans Museum building is going through some renovations. As mentioned on various sites and here before, the city has taken over the building. With that comes some changes. The goal is to make the building a fieldhouse that caters to the neighborhood better:
The project will occur in phases, beginning with reconstructing the first floor; that piece should wrap up this January. Workers already have started creating the first floor’s indoor playground, which was designed for toddlers and youngsters up through age five. The first floor also will house two clubrooms for use by the community and by teens and preteens in CPD programs, said Kocinski.
Although it was nice to have the veterans museum, we think that it will be better for the community to use the building for a variety of ways (the museum will still be on the third floor, it just won't have as much space). We will try to follow this story as it progresses.

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