Thursday, July 30, 2009

Entourage Coming to 1355 S. Michigan

What is Entourage, we don't know...but thanks to an anonymous reader they pointed us to Everyblock and this general limited business license for a business called Entourage.

What is Entourage? At this point we don't know so if you do please tell us.

Ideally Jeremy Piven would be opening up a comedy club and use the name of his hit show Entourage as the namesake, but that's probably not the case. Our guess is that it's a Hair Salon...or maybe it's a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Doorman says it's mens clothing shop. I've only seen one guy working on the interior, so guessing it's a sole proprietorship.

Sloopy said...

Interesting, I can live with that...just not another place like Doctor's Choice!

Anonymous said...

Walked by last night & saw 2 large reproductions of Ebony magazine covers featuring Michael Jackson in the south side windows.

In other S. Michigan news it looks like the postal union is going away. Just what the area needs, more apartments. Ugh.,CST-EDT-watchside10.article

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Piven is going retail with his own brand of toupees?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a restaurant is going into this space: