Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fioretti & Other Aldermen Trying to Cap Olympic Liability

The Tribune is reporting that our very own 2nd ward Alderman, Robert Fioretti, is one of 12 Adermen co-sponsoring an ordinance trying to cap the city's liability for the 2016 Olympics:
Earlier this week, Ald. Manuel Flores (1st) introduced an ordinance to cap the city's liability for 2016 Olympics losses at $500 million.

It was a response to Daley's meeting with IOC officials in Switzerland on June 17. Afterward, he told the Tribune he would sign a host city contract putting the burden for all losses on Chicago. The comments led to a firestorm of criticism back home and damage control efforts by City Hall and the city's Olympics bid leaders.

So far, however, just 11 other aldermen in the 50-member council have signed on as co-sponsors.

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