Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sushi and Dancing...Sloopin Style

We recently ventured out to enjoy some of the pleasantly cool weather we've had in the area, got on our bikes and headed north on Michigan Ave.

We've repetitively been by this little sushi spot at the corner of Michigan and Van Burren, but never went. So tonight was the night and we decided to get some sushi from Osaka Sushi Express (400 S. Michigan).

If you've never seen the place, there is probably a reason...it's easily missed. It's a tiny corner shop and doesn't really stand out. Regardless, it's a pretty solid place. It's not very trendy and it's not very expensive, it simply is a good sushi place if you don't want put on your fancy jeans and shell out $8 for a simple California roll.

The inside is pretty simple, but nice and what we're calling 'Japanese Chic'. We got our food close to closing time so it wasn't very busy. You can custom order your rolls/sushi or simply go to the fridge to pick up some of the more popular rolls and appetizers if you're in a rush.

We opted for some basic rolls, spicy tuna, eel and California rolls with a helping of edamame. We got it to go and head back south down Michigan.

Another thing we've noticed, but never attended was the huge dance party that happens every week during the summer at the corner of Harrison and Michigan Ave (610 S. Michigan). This concept has always intrigued us and since we were trying to enjoy the weather, we took our sushi, grabbed a table, ate, listened to live Eastern European music and took in the scene.

For those who don't know about the dancing it is called Chicago Summer Dance and is:
an eleven-week festival featuring one-hour dance lessons by professional instructors, followed by two hours of live music and dancing on a 4,600 square foot open-air dance floor in the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park, 601 S. Michigan Ave. SummerDance events occur every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, 6 to 9:30 pm, and Sunday afternoon, 4 to 7 pm, weather-permitting.
The park this is held in is truly beautiful and even if you're not in the mood for dancing it sure makes a good place for people watching. It tends to draw a very unique and diverse crowd that all seem to be enjoying themselves.

All in all it was a fun weeknight in the Sloop. The sushi was solid and well worth the price and the dancing/music was highly entertaining!

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anon said...

I've been going to summerdance for about 6 years. It's one of the coolest things to do in the South Loop. A little tip, is bring your own mixed drink, however there is a smaill stand that sells alcoholic beverages. My other secret Summerdance is, if in need of a bathroom the Hiltons facilities won't dissapoint.