Monday, July 20, 2009

Lolla Low Down: Beastie Boys Out

Read some unfortunate news today that Adam “MCAYauch, from the Beastie Boys, has been diagnosed with cancer. Understandably, the band has cancelled all shows for the year including their headlining gig on Saturday August 8th at Lollapalooza. We were pumped for the show, but wish Yauch all the best!

Upon reading this on Greg Kot's blog, people immediately wanted to know who the promoters at Lolla would tap to replace the Beasties. As of now, nothing has been announced, but in the comments section their were a wide range of acts being mentioned: Beck, Kanye West, Jay-Z, The Flaming Lips, Jesus Lizard and Nas were a few that caught our attention. Someone even mentioned Prince. However, our personal favorite was someone mentioning an Outkast reunion (it was actually Kot who mentioned it). We doubt this is happening but man would that be awesome:

highly unlikely, but we can dream...

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ted said...

big boi is in cali saturday & sunday of lolla on the rock the bells tour.