Friday, July 3, 2009

Education Expansion Update

Today the Chicago Gazette had an article about Jone College Prep's plans to expand. This isn't a new story, but it's important one for the neighborhood:
Jones, at 606 S. State St., will build new space immediately south of its existing building that will allow it to increase selective enrollment from 750 to 900. When combined with its 300 neighborhood students, enrollment will total 1,200.
The big issue that still needs to be contemplated and discussed is how neighborhood kids fit into the mix at the school. Although definitive answers haven't come yet, it's an important issue for neighborhood families and residents to keep their eye on. It's an interesting read for those who are interested in schooling for neighborhood kids.

The article also goes on to mention plans by Roosevelt University as they want: build a 32-story structure at 421–425 S. Wabash Ave. to contain space for student services, recreation, classrooms, science laboratories, the university’s business college, and student housing.

Roosevelt administrators feel the university needs a new facility to accommodate rising student interest, as fall 2008 enrollment was the second highest in university history and included a 70% increase in the number of entering freshmen and a 29% increase in the number of residential students.

We love that education continues to be a priority and growth area for the neighborhood. Alderman Fioretti sums it up well:
“Roosevelt has been a good corporate citizen and has given back generously to the South Loop and Chicago in general,” Fioretti said. Fioretti noted the South Loop’s student population has grown from 52,330 in 2005 to 65,024 in 2009. “Students spend money locally,” he explained. “They keep the entire downtown area, from Roosevelt Road and Michigan Avenue to the river, vibrant and invigorated.”
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