Friday, July 31, 2009

Lollapalooza A Week Away

T-minus 7 days and counting until music fans invade Grant Park for a three day binge of music. Today, Greg Hinz from the Turn it Up blog, has a good read about the festival and how it's searching for it's identity within the city:
But questions remain about how fully Lollapalooza has embraced and been embraced by Chicago beyond the considerable revenue it brings to the local economy. In staging the biggest annual rock festival in the city’s history on Chicago’s showcase property, C3 is held to a particularly high standard. So far it has executed a hugely successful festival with few hitches. But the organization remains at arm’s length from the city’s music community – more of a formidable interloper than a trusted accomplice.
It's an interesting notion and probably true, but in our opinion that doesn't take away from the festival. We don't care who organizes it as long as we can enjoy a ton of world class music in the beauty of Grant Park.

Speaking of which, we've recently heard some good things from some co-workers about Airborne Toxic Event:

They plan on Sunday (8/9) at 2:30, should be solid.

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