Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yolk = Yum, but Busy

If you're ever out and about between breakfast and lunch strolling around Michigan and Roosevelt, you've probably noticed a massive amount of people just waiting outside. What are they waiting for? One of the most popular Brunch spots in the Sloop, Yolk (1120 S. Michigan).

To be honest, Breakfast/brunch isn't my favorite meal, so that's why it's taken me sooooo long to hit this spot. However, when this many people will wait an hour for food you know it must be relatively good. So with that said, last weekend we headed to Yolk for brunch.

One of us went over a little early to put in our name and they said the wait was going to be 45 minutes. We didn't have anything going on, so we had no problem waiting. We joined the other patrons outside (if I had to guess I would say there was at least 40-50 people outside waiting) and simply enjoyed the great weather.

Our name was finally called and since it was just two of us they put us at the bar. Quickly we got some drinks and soon there after put our order in. I went for the Southwestern Crepe and my buddy went for the healthiest option on the menu (sarcasm!), "The Good Morning Burger", which consisted of an 8oz hamburger topped with American cheese, bacon and an over-easy egg. To elaborate on the menu, it's massive and has a much bigger selection then I anticipated. So if you're like me and don't like this breakfast (I know to some people this is blasphemy), they have a ton of options so you will definitely be able to find something of interest.

The food was prompt and portions were pretty big. I don't often get crepes, but mine was excellent! "The Good Morning Burger" also was devoured, so I can only assume that my buddy enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a nice and energetic atmosphere. The food was great and the service was solid (nothing special, but definitely no complaints). The only thing to mention is that there always seems to be a wait. So if you're in the need of a quick bite this might not be the best spot. But if you want a good and decently priced meal...then Yolk is highly recommended.


SusieM said...

We had a very bad experience at Yolk and will not go back. The food was just ordinary, the service was poor, and the manager was rude. Too bad, because we live at One Museum Park and it would be convenient. We're sticking with Little Branch Cafe and Bongo room.

Sloopy said...

Sorry to hear that, thanks for posting the comment.

We had a good experience, but glad to get a different perspective.

MPB said...

The food at Yolk is great. The service can be a bit slow at times. I prefer the White Palace, which gives you great diner food and great portions. The wait staff is also much more attentive.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I have gone to the Yolk I have left happy. Its crowded on the weekends but if you got during the week its acutally pretty quick to get a table. My only complaint is that the place is loud. The Yolk is the best place for breakfast in the sloop

Scrumpy said...

I'm a Yolk fan. Having two dogs, we are generally up early. If you can get there before 8:30, no waiting.

I can see what some people say about the service. I actually noticed the manager sat us before another group last weekend. I got the sense it was because he knows we're regulars. Nice for us, but not the best policy in my opinion.

Try the Orange Bread French Toast, it is delicious.