Friday, July 3, 2009

Interesting Reads for the Holiday Weekend

There were two interesting articles we recently read and wanted to call them out:

Some Hoping South Loop Becomes an Art Gallery District
The Tribune talks about some of the Art Galleries that already exist in the Sloop, but also how some hope that this dynamic might change in the future. They also have a small article about older initiatives to make the area more appealing to artists, however those plans unfortunately failed.

Coyotes and the Mysterious Rezko Land
The Chicago Journal has a two piece article about coyotes and how the are strolling around the Sloop. Although it's a decent read, we were more interested about the background of the mysterious 62 acre piece of land that is just southwest of the corner of Clark and Roosevelt. The second piece of the article will be published next Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

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