Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Massive Set Built for Divergent at 700 S. Federal

We've had a lot of inquiries and interest in the massive movie set for Divergent that was being built at the Southwest corner of Wells and Harrison.

Well it looks like they're also aiming for a massive shoot this Saturday at another location in the Sloop (via OLV):
As we’ve reported new filming permit signs popped up earlier this week around 700 Federal St in Chicago for Divergent and now we have more details about what and when they are shooting at the location. 
According to the above letter posted on Dearborn St., adjacent to where they are building a set on Federal St, filming at the site won’t take place until Saturday, May 25. 
It looks like they are building an elevated railroad set, which does fit with one of the scenes from the book. You can check out a photo below.
No wonder it costs so much to make a movie...

(Hat tip: MM!)

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