Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Auto Repair Shops - Experiences of a South Loop Resident

Auto Repairs are notoriously shady.  A regular reader (and contributor) writes about his experiences and recommendations:
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I have officially used every auto repair shop in the South Loop (I think); Firestone, Good year and Auto Repairs Plus aka Mufflers 4 Less.  
I had such a great experience with Orlando at Auto Repairs Plus at Cermak/Wabash!
The other two places, Firestone and Goodyear are crazy expensive; especially firestone. Auto Repairs Plus labor rates are half that of Firestone and the owner, Orlando, is as honest as they come. 
He spent a lot of time going over what needed needed to be done and showed me exactly why, while my truck was up on the hoist. He's a guy that has been in business at that corner for 17 years and has seen the neighborhood evolve over the years. He loves our hood and always takes care of his neighbors, I'm proof of that.  
The other places in the hood are just high pressure sales machines that always push for the more expensive part or another repair "they found". I highly recommend, if you have a car and have any issues or need routine maintenance done, go see Orlando!

Generally speaking it seems like people on Yelp agree!  Do you agree?

(Hat tip: PF!)

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