Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unimpressed by Jersey Mike's

As you probably know, we at Sloopin love to see new businesses open and that remains true for the new Jersey Mike's at 26 E. Roosevelt.  A brand new QSF chain is better than an empty lot -especially given it's high-profile location.

When we got confirmation that Jersey Mike's was opening I was intrigued.  I've heard of the sandwich shop but never actually had it.  Judging by the dialogue in the comment section of our posts we were encouraged.

Well we finally had a chance to go and frankly it was fine, but definitely didn't leave wanting more.  Yes, it was nice to have a "Baja Chicken" wrap that had freshly cooked chicken, but it was just blah.  Maybe we didn't order the right thing.   Given the amount of sandwich/wrap options in the neighborhood it's unlikely we will actively seek out Jersey Mike's in the future.  Maybe we will give it one more chance.

Besides the food, all other experience at the spot were good.  Nice staff, lovely brand-new building and a convenient location next to the L.  All those things are fine, but if I can get better food somewhere else (see Panozzo's) that's where i'm going.

How has your experience with Jersey Mike's been?

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