Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kanye Projects "New Slaves" on Field Museum

Love or hate Kanye West, he definitely knows how to create a circus (via Rolling Stone):
Kanye West gave the world its first official taste of his new album on Friday night by projecting the new song, "New Slaves," along with visuals on buildings across the globe. The video was projected at various times throughout the night on 66 buildings in cities including New York, Toronto, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin. In West's hometown of Chicago, it was projected on a wall of Wrigley Field; in Toronto, on the Royal Ontario Museum; and in New York, Kanye's face appeared on the wall of a 5th Avenue Prada store, among other locations.
Chicagoist has videos of other prominent Chicago locations (including Wrigley Field) that had the video projection as well as the Field Museum projection:

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