Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thredz Bar is Open! They Just Moved Locations

Just last week we got a tip from a reader who thought Thredz Brow Bar might have closed.  We gave them a call and the phone was disconnected.  Well apparently they're still open and just moved a little further South:
Hi Sloopin,  
I was disheartened to hear that you are spreading the word that Thredz is closed. we have moved to 2251 S Michigan Ave, inside Marimarshe Salon. Our move was not sudden as our clients were informed a month before the move. We also had almost daily communications via social media and Belly sent notices to over a thousand clients that check in with us. Thankfully most of our clients have continued to support us as it is a pleasure doing business in the South Loop. Our website also reflects the changes. Please know that we are still alive and well, and would appreciate it if you would share this with your audience  
Thank you,
Rhonda Owner
So there you have it.  They're still open, just moved down a couple of blocks!

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