Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Official: Penguins Are Coming to Soldier Field to Play the Hawks on March 1st

The 2013 playoffs are underway and the Hawks had a solid win on Tuesday night.  While we all know a Stanley Cup is the goal for the current Hawk crew, it's now official that next year's team will look to win a historic outdoor game at Soldier Field on March 1st versus the Pittsburgh Penguins.

While some will chastise the NHL and Hawks brass for making the "outdoor game" a gimmick, we don't care.  It's not the best hockey viewing experience, it's not the best hockey playing experience, but it's a fun time and something we will definitely be looking forward to.

Yes, watching college teams at Soldier Field this year was fun, the Hawks versus the Pens will be much more compelling with a much larger crowd.  

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