Friday, May 17, 2013

City Council Passes Amendment Allowing British School of Chicago to Build Behind Roosevelt Collection?

Renderings of British School of Chicago
behind Roosevelt Collection
It appears that we're ending this week with some hotly discussed and controversial neighborhood topics.  Yesterday it was the DePaul arena and today it's an email we received about the British School of Chicago:
Heads up, the city council just passed the amendment allowing the BSC to build behind the Roosevelt Collection.  
Enrique Perez
Dennis McClendon
Tim Jeffries  
All spoke against, 3 others put their names against w/o speaking.  
There were about 40 BSC parents in attendance and roughly 10 patents and community advocates spoke in favor of the amendment.

If you remember there has been a lot of debate on Sloopin and around the neighborhood about this potentially development.

Besides getting this email yesterday we haven't read that this is true.  Can anyone corroborate this?

(Hat tip: AR!)

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