Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two "Official" Food Truck Locations Coming to the Sloop?

Image from Chicago Tribune
Food trucks have been the rage all across the country (and world) for awhile now, but the city of Chicago is still in the process of rolling out "official" food truck locations.

Back in fall of 2012, city council officially passed an ordinance allowing for 21 official food truck spots across the city.  The only one in our neck of the woods was at Buckingham fountain (437 S. Columbus).

Well last week a couple news sources were reporting that Rahm would be proposing some new locations bringing the total up to 30.  As you could probably guess from the title of the post, two of them are in the Sloop:
  • 825 S. Canal
  • 65 E. Harrison St
While Harrison we understand, we're left shaking our head about 825 S. Canal.  It's a couple blocks North of Roosevelt and all the retail action.  It also doesn't seem to get a lot of foot traffic.  Maybe we're missing something.


Jim in the Sloop said...

Sloopin: the 825 S. Canal Location is right by the Northern Bank backroom operations building and within striking distance of the Post office for those empoyees. There's also some sort of Federal Building on the corner at Canal, but I don't know much about it. I think more people work down that way than one would think and food trucks should do well there at lunch time.

Brianbobcat said...

Agreed with Jim. There's a lot of offices over there and not a lot of food options. I get the Harrison location less. Wasn't one of the more controversial caveats about the food truck bill that they couldn't be within a certain distance of brick and mortar restaurants? Around Harrison there's the finally open Spanglish, Wing Stop, and on Wabash there's Dunkin Donuts, Subway, the sushi place, and much more all over that area like Dairy Queen and Panera. More options are always good though.