Monday, May 6, 2013

Out With the Old; In With the New Italian Restaurant at 616 S. Dearborn?

There has beens some discussion on the Sloopin message board about Trattoria Caterina (616 S. Dearborn) closing in Printer's Row.  We walked by recently and can confirm that brown paper is on the windows and it appears to be closed.

With that in mind a reader writes in:
FYI I live in the 600 S Dearborn building and noticed construction taking place at the old Italian restaurant in printer's row. I asked the door man and was told another Italian restaurant is going in. Supposedly the new owners are from Italy and speak w an accent :-).I believe the name of the restaurant is going to be Sofia or something similar. Maybe you can get more info. I'm very excited!
Has anyone heard anything similar?

(Hat tip: V8!)

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