Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chicago Oyster House Replacing Triad Sushi in May

A reader sent us a link to a website for Chicago Oyster House and a facebook page as well.  While we were excited we weren't aware of much retail space on this block.

Upon some more googling, it became clear, Chicago Oyster House was going in at 1933 S. Indiana...where Triad Sushi currently resides.

So what gives?

We heard rumors that Triad Sushi was going to close, but that never appeared to happen.  So we called Triad and sure enough they were still open.  Randomly we asked about Chicago Oyster House and they said, "Yes, will open around May".

So there you have it!  Chicago Oyster House is apparently replacing Triad Sushi in May.

While it's a little surprising, the Sloop has seen an uptick in Sushi spots.  Maybe the owners of Triad saw the increasing competition and wanted to bring a new concept to the neighborhood.  We're just speculating here.

Regardless, we will be curious to see how it materializes.

(Hat tip: RC!)

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