Monday, April 22, 2013

Bridgeport Coffee Company Announces Second Location at Roosevelt Collection

If coffee is your thing, then you're probably happy about this announcement (via Chicagoist):
One of the better coffee roasters in Chicago is opening a second cafĂ© and, using the tried and true realtors maxim "location, location, location," they picked a spot that's almost too good for them to fail.  
Bridgeport Coffee Company announced they're opening a second storefront at the Roosevelt Collection in the South Loop sometime this summer. The space will be located next to the Showplace ICON multiplex and is surrounded by a slew of condos and other retail.
We've never had their coffee, but are excited to try it out.  Judging by the glowing endorsement from the Chicagoist (and other internet reviews), it seems like they'll fit into the neighborhood well.

Congrats to Bridgeport Coffee Company and welcome to the Sloop!

QUICK LOCATION UPDATE:  According to the Bridgeport Coffe House website:
Bridgeport Coffee is proud to announce our second coffeehouse location at the center of the Roosevelt Collection, next to the ground level entrance of the Showplace Icon movie theatres.

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