Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving Day for Tejas Yoga: From 1133 South Wabash to 1300 South Wabash

Tejas Yoga has some extremely loyal yogis and with that in mind it's time to give them some love.  They've occuppied a small studio at 1133 S. Wabash, but are expanding to a bigger space just down the street:
It's finally here. A new chapter in the evolution of Tejas Yoga begins next week. Jim, James, and the Tejas family will be flexing their muscles Wednesday in order to transport the guts of the studio to our new location, 1300 S. Wabash. We will spend the day organizing our new space Thursday. All classes will be cancelled Wednesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 4. Our normal schedule will resume Friday, April 5.
A reader sent us a video of Jim Bennitt (one of the owners, who is a Sloop resident and who is nationally known for his skills) doing some pretty impressive Yoga:

Color us impressed, jealous and extremely stiff!

(Hat tip: JK!)

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