Saturday, April 6, 2013

Computer Gurus Closes Up Shop at 1130 South Wabash

Even though we never like seeing businesses in the neighborhood close, Computer Gurus was a head scratcher for us.  While we appreciate the idea, the reality is that you can usually fix your computer by calling someone or going to a Best Buy (which is also usually cheaper we would imagine).

With that said, Computer Gurus has apparently closed up shop as everything is out of their store at 1130 South Wabash (see image above).

This space has proved to be a difficult go for business owners.  Before this, Elements of Style boutique occupied the space but didn't last very long.  Next door in the same building, Le Sol tanning also closed up shop.

Seems like a good location to us.  Maybe a better businessplan is needed?


Slooper Mike said...

I know that they had changed owners and/or management at least a year ago, which was a good thing. (The first set were jerks; extremely rude, and one of them, after insulting my wife, actually hit on her!) I hope the new team didn't inherit the bad rep of the previous group.

Between CG and the tanning place that had been next door, it would be nice to see something do well there. Not sure what might fit nicely in such a small storefront, though.

Anonymous said...

I think the business was just a flawed concept. People these days don't fix computers, they replace them.

In addition to that, the accessories and items these guys were selling were overpriced compared even to Best Buy, which is already overpriced.

I was somewhat surprised this place lasted as long as it did, honestly. I walked by it at least twice every day and never once saw a single soul in there other than the clerk behind the counter.

I think a niche electronics shop in the Sloop could be useful, but they have to provide services that still have value and be willing to compete on price for whatever goods they sell.

Anonymous said...

The space where the tanning salon was has paper now covering up the windows. Curious to find out what might be going in there....