Monday, May 31, 2010

Triad Sushi Lounge Enjoyable, but Not Amazing

In an attempt to breakout of our standard restaurant rut, we decided it was time to walk down Triad Sushi Lounge (1933 S. Indiana) and give it a try. We've reviewed their menu many times online and have spoken to a couple people about their offerings (the website is snazzy and the reviews have just been ok).

It was a random Saturday night around 9pm and the place was relatively empty. There were three other couples in the main dinning room besides us. Their were some smallish, private dinning areas which looked to be occupied as well. The decor inside was nice and attempting to be trendy, but seemed a little dated to us.

However, the staff was very nice, prompt and polite which in our opinion is much more important then decor. Since it wasn't very busy we ordered quickly. We opted for some scallops for an appetizer and a specialty eel role and some Asian vegetable/noodle dish for the entree. Although we just got beer, we were intrigued by some of their specialty sake infused vodka martinis. In hindsight, we should have gone for those.

The scallops were good, but the portion was unfortunately small for the price. After we mowed those down our main dishes quickly came. The eel role also included salmon on the outside and some form of crunchy tempura like ingredient. It was probably the highlight of the meal. The vegetable/noodle dish was what it sounded like, nothing special but a relatively large portion.

All in all everything was ok. In our opinion, if you're looking for sushi go to South Coast. If you're looking for Asian go to Ma & I.

Regardless, it's still probably worth trying out for yourself, maybe you will have more luck then we did.

One more important note - it's BYOB if you want...we didn't, but wish we did!


Unknown said...

Triad has been consistently good for years... BYOB is one of the reasons we visit. There are few sushi joints that allow BYOB. It’s the consistent quality and cheap drinks that make this a south loop gem.

Anonymous said...

Their gyoza is fantastic as well.

Unknown said...

LOVE this place!
Great sushi, great people, great times.