Monday, April 15, 2013

First Draft Coming to 649 S. Clark; Villains Bar & Grill Signs South Loop Lease

It appears that a new "sports bar" will be replacing the old Villains space at  649 S. Clark.  A reader writes:
The First Draft
Early spring.  
61 draft lines, specialty and craft beers.
"Everyday fresh food"
"Superb audio/visual system"
Sports packages 
I'd say they're going for a sports bar theme... They're working on the buildout right now.

While we like new stuff, we long for Villain's to come back!

Speaking of which, according to their Facebook that will be happening soon:

Where that will be?  Hopefully we hear more soon!

Regardless, best of luck to First Draft and looking forward to some new Villains news!

UPDATE from a Reader:
Just an FYI on First Draft. One of the partners/owners is Tom from Kaseys. He was a managing partner of Kaseys and quit a couple of weeks ago. Don't know much else but thought I'd pass that along.

(Hat tip:  AD & JH & WM!)

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