Friday, April 12, 2013

Rumor: Charter School Discussed for Old X/O Condo Site?

A reader writes:
Just want to let you know, in speaking with an official at the department of education and the current owners of the site (GOLUB), that the old X/O site, 1712 S Prairie, is in the beginning talks of becoming a new charter middle school for the south loop. Taking the much more crowded south loop school focusing on early childhood elementary schooling.  
The site along S Prairie would include a three/four story craftsman style building with parking structure, a sports field of some kind with a running track and an indoor pool and gymnasium. The demolition permit has been placed on hold until the proposed public school can be worked out. They like the idea that this section of south prairie would be made private once the new 16th LSD ramp would replace 16th street. The entrance to the school would be on both Prairie and on 18th. A public space/park would be a located on the corner of 18th and Prairie.  
It is a great use of this space and would certainly be great for the neighborhood as more housing over here would be counter-productive. The property values would soar in this neighborhood if this comes to fruition. 

An interesting rumor and something we're sure many residents would like.

First off, it's been awhile since we've heard anything about this site (for some historical background here is a post we did on it back in 2011).  The X/O concept was ambitious and found neighborhood opposition as it didn't really fit in with the look and feel of Prairie Avenue.  As you may recall it stalled and as a result never got built.

Another hot topic around the neighborhood is schooling.  If you read Sloopin or are up on the latest neighborhood news, you probably know about the high-school drama surrounding the new and old Jones College Prep.  While this rumor wouldn't really help that issue, more schooling options in general are usually a good problem to have.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?  Would it be a good addition to the neighborhood?

(Hat tip:  MM!)

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Brianbobcat said...

What did that building on the site used to be? It looks like some sort of building AT&T would've built. Also, just north of that building is an old, well maintained, 1-story building that has a train engraving at the front peak. Anyone know about either of these buildings?