Wednesday, April 24, 2013

South Loop Park Updates: Fred Anderson Park, Coliseum Park and Women's Park

There have some recent news and updates on a variety of parks around the neighborhood and we thought we would do a quick post on them.

First off is Fred Anderson Park (between 16th and 18th on Wabash).  Construction for the much anticipated park has been slow moving (and for some controversial), but according to South Loop Dog PAC construction is supposed to commence this summer.  Here is a new plan with points listed below:

  • The small dog area has been expanded a bit. Good news for all the 'small fluffies' in the neighborhood! (a.)
  • There is now one entrance gate, at the southwest corner, shared between the small- and large-dog parks. (b.
  • A bulletin board will be installed at the entrance area. (c.)
  • There will be mounting posts for informational signs at the overlook in the center of the park. South Loop Dog PAC will be assembling material to post there in order to educate kids about dogs and about how to approach them. (d.)
  • An expanded area is now to be covered by dog-friendly artificial grass! This is great news for fetch-driven dogs that might want to play here. The perimeter of the park remains concrete. (e.)
  • There will be an access gate at the east of the park for maintenance, and a second double entry to the dog area. (f.)
  • A space has been designed for a lockbox to store park maintenance materials. (g.)
  • Shade sails will be place throughout the park (light blue triangles in the picture above), including over the performance stage!  There will be benches and tables distributed throughout. (h.)
  • In order to unify the whole area, even the sidewalk along S. Wabash will be integrated as part of the design into the rest of the park. (i.)
  • The water runnels have been reconfigured somewhat; there will be two separate features, one in the small dog area, and one in the large dog area. (j.)

Chicago Women’s Park & Gardens 1801 S. Indiana Ave.
The field house at the Chicago Women’s Park & Gardens would be renovated through $3.8 million in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance. The three-story structure would receive a new roof, ventilation systems, and masonry repairs, as well as a new fitness center, activity rooms, office space, and restrooms. The upgrades would be in addition to $1.1 million allocated by the Chicago Park District for renovations to the first floor.  
Coliseum Park 1466 S. Wabash Ave. The .6-acre Coliseum Park would be improved with new playground equipment, an expanded dog area, and new landscape upgrades through $500,000 in TIF assistance. The park is named in honor of the Coliseum, an arena and exhibition hall that was a defining feature of South Wabash Avenue until 1982.

We like parks and are excited to see some solid steps forward for these three!

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