Friday, July 8, 2016

A Blow Dry Bar - &Blowdry - Looks To Be Opening Up at 1315 S. Michigan

A reader sends us the following pic:

We're guessing that roughly half of our readers know what a "Blow Dry Bar" is, but for those who don't here is an article snippet from the Daily Beast we found:
Michael Landau, a bald former Yahoo! executive, didn’t really get it when his sister came to him with the idea of a blow-dry bar. “As a guy with no hair, I thought she was crazy,” he said. “I didn’t understand why a woman needed a blowout or why they would pay for it.”  
The answer to his question took him a while to find—but his sister and business partner, Alli Webb, knew all along. Blow-dry bars offer a product—an experience, rather—that brings housewives, CEOs, and 10-year-olds to a place they can relax, chat, and come out feeling like a new person—all for about $40. “What we set out to do was create a place that felt nothing like a salon,” said Landau, now the chief executive officer of the booming “Drybar” chain. “It didn’t look like a salon. It didn’t feel like a salon. It didn’t smell like a salon.”  
Drybar is the leading player in a burgeoning industry, which includes smaller competitors like Boston’s “Be Styled” and New York’s Haute Air and Blow. Together, they are disrupting the traditional salon industry, offering women quick, affordable doses of fabulousness and me-time.

So it sounds like it's a popular concept.  We understand why it would be a good fit for the Sloop given that there seems to be a strong demand for these types of services (hence why we like to refer to Michigan Avenue as the Sloop's Spa Corridor).

That being said, the businesses that have occupied the retail space in this specific high-rise have had quite a bit of turnover during the past couple of years (see Take 1 Hair Salon, Levelz, Flirtatious Lingerie and Put it On for example).

Best of luck to them and hopefully they can put a better foot forward!

(Hat tip:  MG!)

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