Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sloopin (Michigan Ave) Retail Roundup: Openings & Closings

Walking down Michigan Avenue has exposed some new retail happenings.

If you recall, a couple readers noted that Rock'N'Nails looked to be opening at the southwest corner of Michigan Ave and Cullerton.  We wondered why and how so many nail/saloon places open in our neighborhood (especially on Michigan).  Well apparently they are already open:
In other retail news just up the street, it appears that two other clothing stores are shuttering.  First off is Haus of Reign, which is pretty bare inside and had signs outside saying there was a liquidation sale going on, looks to be closing:

Haus of Reign opened at 1345 S. Michigan in June of 2013.

Up the street at 1317 S. Michigan, Flirtatious Lingerie and Clubwear also appears to be closing and having a liquidation sale as well:

This is also next door to the recently closed kiddie clothing store Put It On at 1319 S. Michigan.

Moral of the story, if you are contemplating opening a business on South Michigan it appears that it will be a rough go if you want to sell clothing.  On the other hand, apparently there is a lot of demand for pampering...

Business counter is updated.

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