Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another Check-in at Chicago Firehouse - July 2016 Edition

Still no official word on the rebuild of The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, but still get a good amount of emails on the topic. With that said, wanted to post a couple recent emails and pictures:
Caught these today (June 30) walking the neighborhood. Looks like half of the old patio behind Chicago Firehouse Restaurant is being turned into a possibly 2-story addition. 
I can't seem to find any official news anywhere though on timelines/goals/etc.

It does look like they're expanding backwards.  We wonder if this might be indoor/outdoor usage - which would be great.

Regarding timing, we heard from a reader that December 2016 or January of 2017 seems more feasible for the buildout to be done.

Another reader sent us some pics they took looking inside:

Good to see the progress!

(Hat tip: GK & JO!)

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