Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gym Planned for 1449 S. Michigan (Big Shoulders Chicago) Not Happening

A reader writes:
I noticed the sign for Big Shoulders Chicago is gone from 1449 S Michigan and they have been pretty quiet on social media (also never saw them at the farmers market). Per below it looks like the location didn't work out so I wonder if this is a dead deal at this point. 
Thought I'd send your way in case anyone else was interested. They were originally slated to open in August.
The other email referenced is:
Thanks for checking in! Due to some epic issues with the building we just couldn't make BSC happen at 1449. We're on the hunt for other property! I'll keep you posted!

As a reminder, we posted about this new gym coming to south Michigan back in early February.  This news isn't surprising frankly.  The building they were going to build in was in BAD shape!

Hope they find a new spot soon.

(Hat tip: TG!)

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